Social republic of Victorialand

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West Mondstadt is the common name for the Social Republic of Victorialand or abbreviated as VSR in the period from the country's founding on February 9, 2017 to the reunification of the West and East on October 3, 2018. During this period, Mondstadt, along with its capital, Hokuitō was divided until the fall of the Social Republic of Victorialand and its five states were merged into the Kingdom of Mondstadt And the rest split into independent countries. The Kingdom of Mondstadt (commonly known as Mondstadt) was expanded to 16 states with the establishment of 5 states in the former west Mondstadt and thus the new regime became the successor state of the Kingdom of Mondstadt after october 2018.

Social Republic of Victorialand
February 9, 2017–October 4, 2018
Flag of Social republic of Victorialand
Above: National Flag (2007–2016)
Below: National Flag (2017–October, 2018)
Coat of arms of Social republic of Victorialand
Coat of arms
Motto: Unity - Justice - Freedom
Anthem: "Victorialand march song"(also national anthem of  El Salvador)"
GovernmentUnitary one-party fascist state under a totalitarian dictatorship
• President of the National Council
Makabe Masamune-Kun
• Supreme Protector
Lee Young-Nam (First)
Kim Jong-Bok (Last)
LegislatureHigh Council of State
• Established
February 9, 2017
• Disestablished
October 4, 2018
CurrencyFranc Victorialand
Time zoneUTC+14 (VST)
• Summer (DST)
Today part ofMondstadt