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Snilandish Flag 2.png
Coat of arms
Motto: "A bright future"
Anthem: Snilandish National Anthem
File:Newcastle, NSW, Australia
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
Demonym(s)Snilander/Snilandish depending on use
GovernmentUnitary Absolute Monarchy
• Queen
Starr Hayes
EstablishmentFeb 22nd 2013
• Census
Time zoneEST
This nation is a member of the Federation Coalition of Nations

Sniland was founded on the 22nd of February 2013, but was planned since August/September 2011.


The origins of the name come from when the Queen and her brother decided they'd make the country. They were in the snow and decided to name it after their snow trip. Snow-Island = Snisland. After a while, Starr made a spelling mistake and spelt 'Sniland'. She adjusted to the change and named it that instead.


Sniland was first thought of in September 2011 by Starr Hayes and her brother. It was later founded on 22 of February (now known as Creation Day) 2013. Since then it has made allies with numerous countries and became one of the founders of the Federation Coalition of Nations along with the Jerapocalpse Empire.

Withdrawl from the Freyan Commonwealth

On the 16th of April, 2013, Sniland broke from the Freyan Commonwealth after a few "troubles" with another member. The Australian Micronation does not wish to rejoin the Commonwealth.

Government Change

Sniland switched from Mondatory to Unitary Absolute Monarchy on the 30th of April 2013

Government & Politics

Sniland isn't focused on it's politics and tends to goof around, although will be serious at serious times. It's government type is Unitary Absolute Monarchy (since the 30th of April 2013).

Law & Order

Law and Order relies on the Macronation a citizen lives in, as Sniland has no residential land to pass laws anyways. The capital landmass has to follow the laws of Australia and keeps it that way.

Foreign Relations

  • Realm Under Freya
  • Chanserly
  • Homestead 
  • Jerpocalpse-Empire 
  • D.I.R
  • Sparta
  • Lyonesse
  • Mouzilo Empire
  • Dorien
  • Slin Empyre

Geography & Climate

Sniland's capital is usually quite hot in the summer/spring time but cools down well during Autumn and becomes quite cold in Winter.


Sniland has a wide range of loves in it's culture.

Japanese Anime

In Sniland, Japanese anime is love and pure awesomeness. Snilandish draws all sorts of anime arts such as the regular thing and chibi, reading and/or writing fanfic is a fun pass time, thinking up storylines and characters are also fun. Popular anime are Hetalia, School Rumble, Lucky Star and Ouran Highschool Hostclub.


Snilanders love playing with snow and snow trips are always a good time for the family.

Computers and Playstations

Snilandish love computers and/or PlayStations. It is a common occurrence in the average home.

Arts and Craft

In Sniland, drawing, writing and reading are common hobbies. People draw, write, read and craft a whole variety of things.

Holidays and Speacial occasions

Snilands main holiday, Creation Day, is held on the same day Sniland was officially created (February 22) but has not developed any traditions being only a new country.

Christmas is big in Sniland but has no traditions.


Sniland holds few claims too few things.

Lake Kaweah

The Planet, 51 Pegasi B

The Planet, Gleise 518 G

Sniland once accidentally claimed venus not realising it was already taken.

Federation Coalition of Nations
Member States
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