Coordinates: 26°17′04″N 81°46′31″W / 26.284492°N 81.775221°W / 26.284492; -81.775221

Sneaking Club

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26°17′04″N 81°46′31″W / 26.284492°N 81.775221°W / 26.284492; -81.775221

Sneaking Club
North Naples, Florida
CapitalMiles's closet
Official languagesNone de jure
English de facto
None de jure
Presbyterianism de facto
• Leader
Miles Huff
Establishmentca 2002
• Census
Time zoneEST

The Sneaking Club was a pseudo-micronation formed by Miles Huff around the year 2001 or 2002, when Miles was only in the second grade. Miles founded it on something of a whim, and the micronation's territory only consisted of the lands around his parents' house. This being 2002, the Internet was still in its early days, and Miles was too young to browse it unsupervised; so he did not know there were other micronationalists. The Sneaking Club became defunct sometime around 2004 or 2005.


The Club's name came from the act of "sneaking", which is what Miles called it when he tried to play videogames at times that he was not allowed. This name was often abbreviated to "SC", to obscure the micronation's clandestine origins.


While the Club's headquarters was Miles's closet, the grounds around his parents' house received attention as well, with Miles erecting a primitive shed and enhancing the flora. Miles had plans to create an elaborate botanical garden, complete with a fountain and artificial river; but these never came to fruition.

Miles declared his bookcase to be the national library, and reorganized it according to a simplified version of the Dewey Decimal System. By the end of the Sneaking Club's existence, Miles had turned his entire room into an elaborate geological museum.


File:Sneaker dollar.png
A Sneaker dollar

The Sneaking Club had its own currency. It was termed the "Sneaker dollar", and each unit had to be stamped with a special stamp before they were considered legal tender; this was to discourage counterfeits. There is however no record of this currency ever having actually been used as a medium of exchange.


The government was a despotism where Miles ruled as "leader". There was no other government body, and there was no system of succession. Regardless, Miles did hold meetings with his citizens in the Club's headquarters, and citizens were able to provide input on policies during these meetings.


Citizens were called "members". Recruitment continued as late as 2004 or 2005, but the actual number of active citizens only ever reached 2 or 3.


The national mascot was a green anole named "Fern".

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