Slavic Empire of Blepia

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Slavic Empire of Blepia
Flag Blepianflag.pngEnsign Blepiandocumentalstandard.png

"Blepia ad astra!"
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameBlepia
GovernmentParliamentary constitutional monarchy
- Grand Duke of BlepiaPhoenix I
- The Blepian CouncilN/A
LegislatureThe Blepian Council
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 3
- Last election - 24–25 November 2017
EstablishedOriginal conception - 5 May 2017; Migration - 6 July 2017; Re-establishment - 11 October 2017; Dictatorship - 10 November 2017; New constitution - 22 November 2017
Area claimed625.699 m²
Population36 as of 25 November
CurrencyLemons (commodity money)
Time zoneUniversal Coordinated Time (GMT+0:00)
National dishPierogi
National drinkLemon tea
National animalOcelot
Patron saintHarambe


The term 'Blepia' comes from the Blep, an act in which a cat sticks out its tongue for long periods of time, usually without knowing.


Origins Blepia first started as a small Discord community, The Blep Society, on 5 May 2017, known at that time as Member's Server (not after the members of the server, but after Memberry). All members of the server from this time period, excluding Memberry, later left.

First Election Memberry, seeing opportunity in the growing server for a democratic model of government, held elections on the 20th of May. Most knowledge about this election is lost to history, and the only known detail of this election was that it resulted in a member called FioLee becoming the first Prime Minister of Member's Server. They were not very active, and on the 29th of May Memberry initiated a referendum to rename the server in hopes of raising activity. The winning candidate was 'The Blep Society'.

Military State

Due to the inactivity of Prime Minister Basque, Memberry called a new election on the 2nd of June. Like the first election, nothing is known of it except the Prime Minister after the election, Kirby1006. On the fifth of June, Kirby announced a reform transforming the server into a military state.

The Kirby Declaration, the start of Kirby1006's military reforms

Above is the Kirby Declaration, the announcement made by Kirby1006 at the start of his military reforms. These reforms included the creation of approximately ten roles, each with military-related names.