Simon I, Grand Duke of Schéinhafen

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His Majestry
Simon I
Grand Duke of Schéinhafen
Reign 23 June 2018 - present
Born 18 May 2015 (2015-05-18) (age 8)
England, UK w:United Kingdom

Grand Duke Simon the First is the first Grand Duke of Schéinhafen. His position is ceremonial without wielding any real power. Simon is FIV positive but lives a very happy life with all the comforts that a cat could dream of.

Early life

Simon had a rough beginning to his life, being a stray in the port town of Southampton. Having to fend for himself, he had to fight many battles for survival. He still carries many of these scars from this time to this day. It is also thought that during this time was when he became FIV positive, a disease that weakens cat's immune system. His fortunes would pick up as he himself was picked up by the RSPCA and cared for in the Stubbington Ark, an RSCPA centre in Fareham. It was here that he received the medical attention he required and met the soon to be first Prime Minister of Schéinhafen, Joseph Moseley.

Grand Duke

On the 23 June 2018, Simon become the first Grand Duke of Schéinhafen. With this title he also became the first cat in the world to assume the title of Grand Duke. He quickly got to work, starting a royal tour of London to improve relations with Schéinhafen's neighbour, the UK, which will last several months.