Senyan Film and Game Rating Agency

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The Senyan Film and Game Rating Agency (sometimes shortened to SFGRA) is an governemtent quango of Senya to rate films & video games for viewing audiances.



  • AYC - Aimed at Young Children.
  • U - Universal, content does not need to be aimed at children, just not containing any swearing, sex, violence, innuendo, etc.
  • PGR - Parental Guidance Recommended, Can contain moderate violence and/or light swear words
  • 12 - Suitable for 12 year olds or elder, can containe PGR, with non-explicit innuendo
  • 15 - Suitable for 15 year olds or elder, can contain swearing, sexual references/high innuendo, violence, light drug use etc
  • 18 - Suitable for 18 year olds or elder, can contain 15 + Full Drug use. Nudity is acceptable, but only for a max of 10 seconds per clip. Actor/actress can not strip fully naked,or to a sexually suggestive outfit, in compliance with Article 69.
  • TUV - Totally unacceptable video - Video not compliant with Article 69. Banned from Senya.