Senshi tochi

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Kōtei no tame no subet
Capital cityKuji
Largest cityMiyako
Official language(s)English, Japanese
Official religion(s)Shinto, Buddhism
Short nameSenshi
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
- EmperorJohn Ryan
Established20 March 2019
CurrencyPound sterling, Euro, U.S. dollar, Japanese Yen

Formation of Senshi

On 18 March, 2019, Blank split into 3 nations, one of which was the Japanese nation of Senshi. These 3 nations formed a union much like the United Kingdom, until Senshi, lead by Ollie Pascal, succeeded and declared its independence.


Officially, there is no true form of government. Senshi, however, does have a emperor but that is a status so he has no power but his views are greatly respected. Below the emperor is the shogun this is the second highest social group in senshi, there jobs include military generals, governors and so on. The Bakafu is responsible for putting forward laws and serving the emperor. Below the bakafu is the samurai they are sort of like lords but with less power. Below the samurai you have the other military roles and their sub roles. All people start of as just farmers or regular infantry but as they serve the emperor, proving themselves they may travel higher up the lader opening new jobs they may have.

Culture and economy

Senshi's culture is mostly based of traditional Japanese culture but it also has some American aspects due to it's large American population. Senshi does not usually get involved with the politics of other nations and will hardly get involved with any wars , however due to the senshi royal family spanning across more than 5 nations senshi will always give aid to those nations. At the moment senshi focuses on it's own stability, senshi is not isolationist but it does prefer to stay out of other nations problems. The reason for this is because senshis culture and government is very different to other nations.

The economy of senshi is a difficult subject to explain , senshi does use money but not in senshi, it is only used for trade purposes. Senshi itself is a feudal monarchy and so it has no need for money as all people work for themselves in farming communities.

land claim

So far senshi has claimed 5,481km2 thanks to the farming industry of the USA and Devon , however senshi is not expansionist and so will not make amount of land it's primary goal.


Although senshi is a peaceful nation it still has a mighty army, the reason for this is because although the nation does not want to start a war the people will defend the emperor at any cost. The standard uniform used is actually old soviet era gear and German , the uniform comprises of helmet jacket gp4 gas mask and more. The senshi army is mostly adapted for jungle and even winter conditions. At the moment the military number are 48 because everyone in senshi is given military training and thus every citizen is a soldier.