Security Council of the Global Progressive Association

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The Security Council of the GPA (SC) is the secondary organ of the Global Progressive Association charged with ensuring international peace and security and recommending the admission of new GPA members to the General Assembly. Its powers include establishing peacekeeping operations, enacting international sanctions, and authorising military action. The SC is the only GPA body with the authority to issue binding resolutions on member states.

The Security Council consists of Permanent and Non-Permanent Members. Permanent members can veto any substantive resolution, including those on the admission of new member states to the Global Progressive Association or nominees for the office of Secretary-General. The Non-Permanent Members change every two years. The current Permanent Member(s) are: The Kingdom of Wellmoore.

Resolutions of the Security Council are typically enforced by GPA Peacekeepers, military forces voluntarily provided by member states.

Security Council
Global Progressive Association
Founded2nd of June 2021
Meeting place


The Security Council was founded along with the Global Progressive Association on the 2nd of June 2021.


The Security Council to investigate any situation threatening international peace; recommend procedures for peaceful resolution of a dispute; call upon other member nations to completely or partially interrupt economic relations as well as sea, air, and radio communications, or to sever diplomatic relations; and enforce its decisions militarily, or by any means necessary. The Security Council also recommends the new Secretary General to the General Assembly and recommends new states for admission as Member States of the GPA.


Permanent Members

Director of the Security Council

The role of Director of the Security Council involves setting the agenda, presiding at its meetings and overseeing any crisis within the GPA or its Member States.

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