Scheinhafen Elections

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Since the formation of the Grand Duchy of Scheinhafen in 2018, the Duchy has had biannual elections to elect the government. Election day is usually announced with a 30 day notice which starts the campaigning period where certain rules apply. Voting happens in person within Scheinhafen. Following the Covi-19 pandemic, digital voting is now accepted for citizens not physically within the Duchy.


The 2022 Elected Council Election

The 2022 election will see the elected government transition from solely the Prime Minister to the Elected Council, consisting of two seats. The winners of these two seats will take up the roles of Prime Minister (the candidate with the largest share of the vote) and the Deputy Prime Minister. They will then determine the Duchy's policy for the two year period, with the Prime Minister having the deciding vote in the case of a tie breaker, although mechanisms remain for the Deputy Prime Minister to influence decisions.

This election will also see Joseph Moseley, the incumbent Prime Minister be challenged for the first time in the Duchy's history by Rupert Wood the leader of the newly formed Young Democrat Party. Joseph Moseley commented "I am glad to finally have an opponent for this prestigious and important role. A healthy democracy is one with many viable options, and I believe this is an important step in the Duchy's continuing journey of discovering it's national identity."

2022 Scheinhafen Elected Council Election
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Independent Joseph Moseley - - -
Young Democrats Rupert Taylor - - -

The 2020 Prime Ministerial Election

2020 Scheinhafen Prime Ministerial Election
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Independent Joseph Moseley 2 67% -37%
Reopen the Ballot N/A 1 33% +33%
Turnout 3 100% 0%

2018 Prime Ministerial Election

2018 Scheinhafen Prime Ministerial Election
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Independent Joseph Moseley 2 100% N/A
Reopen the Ballot N/A 0 0% N/A
Turnout 2 100% N/A