Sandum Civil War of November 2009

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Sandum Civil War/Sandum Transcivilum et Guerrus
Conflict: Sandum Civil War
Date: 15 October 2009 - 24 November 2009
Place: Within Sandus and regions surrounding it
Outcome: Country unified peacefully, Direct Democracy reestablished, and Treaty of the Trén.
FlagofSandus.png Sandus Democratic Side Rebelsandus.png Sandus Republican Side
Guillaume Sœrgèl as Speaker of the House, legally «Dictum Sandus». Angélique Brown & Hannah Dosoo.
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The Sandum Civil War, known in Sandus as the Sandum Transcivilum et Guerrus, is a war that started on 15 October 2009 by two delegates who had left the National Congress and had deserted the military. Only one major confrontation took place.

18 November Conflict

On 18 November, Guillaume Sœrgèl was riding hid bike in the woods of the Middle Patuxent (Bélkà) when he was attacked by Angélique Brown, who was on top of a hill waiting to ambush him, with medium sized rocks. He quickly found cut bamboo and throw them at her. He was hit twice in the leg by these medium sized rocks, but continued to fight. He continued to throw sticks and bamboo javelin-style at Brown until Brown retreated into the woods. Sœrgèl, knowing this may be a trap, went on his way to the local river, clearly armed.

Stalemate and Treaty

By the time the war closed on 24 November 2009, the Rebel faction knew they were bogged down. They were in no position to attack, nor did they have any desire to or to continue on the fight. These events would later help call for the armistice and peaceful reunification of Sandus under the Treaty of the Trén.