Sabina European Elections 2019

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On May 22 voters in Sabina took part in a symbolic vote for in the European Elections. Due to Sabina's size, only one seat was on offer to win. The winner of this election would in theory represent Sabina in the European Parliament. In practice, as Sabina is yet to join the EU, the winner of the seat would assume the symbolic role of Minister of European Affairs.

Vote Results

On May 28 the results where anounced. The Independent Group won the election narrowly with a majority of just 50%. With a turn out of 8 citizens, 60% of the population, this was the largest democratic process in all of Sabina's history.

Colour Party Popular Vote (%) Seats
European Party
13 / 100
0 / 1
Green Citizens' Party
25 / 100
0 / 1
Sokai Party
13 / 100
0 / 1
Indpendent Group
50 / 100
1 / 1