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The Social-Democratic Party of Ceticilia known also with its acronyn SPC was a political party founded by Aqua. Its party color was blue. The party mainly consisted out of people living in Germany.

Logo of the SPC


Main goal

The main goal of the SPC was to ensure net neutrality and right of privacy as well as expansion of judiciary and the expansion of population and territory.[1]

Secondary goals

Other goals included but were not limited to voting systems (the SPC was in favor of STV) and regulation of ministries and councils.


Similarity to the PPoC

The Social-Democratic Party was criticized as being too similar to the Progressive Party of Ceticilia which did have some similar goals to the SPC and it was suggested that the SPC only be a regional faction of the Progressive Party to which however both parties declined. The Progressive Party was officially dissolved after then-president Alain A. was impeached, the SPC is de jure no longer recognized since the constitutional referndum, has however been inactive for a while beforehand.

Inner workings

The SPC tried to concentrate a Ceticilian party into one geographical spot and therefore mainly took in people living in Germany, however this plan did not work for very long. John A. was set as leader by the manifesto of the party.