Republic of Z1969

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Republic of Z1969

Not declareted already
Not declareted already
Capital cityZ1969 hasn’t a capital because information is everywhere.
Largest cityBrussels
Official language(s)English and Dutch
Short nameZ1969
GovernmentDirect democraty
Population1 (as on the start in August 2013)
Time zone(UTC+1)
National sportMinecraft
National animalRobot
Patron saintSt. Isidore of Sevilla as patron saint of the internet

Government website

The Republic of Z1969 is a micronation founded on 4th August 2013.


The name comes from the early days of the internet. It is formed with two elements: Philip Zimmermann, who made PGP, and the year of the start of the internet (as military network).


Z1969 has started on 5 August 2013, but his history is much older. A short timeline: 100-200 before Christ: Anthikythera mechanism, the first analog computer 1822: Charles Babbages differential engine The 20th century: the real start of the computer (nearly all build for war – not good) 1969: ARPANET, an American Military network and the beginning of what we call the internet later 1972: ARPANET was accessable for everyone 1981: the first persunal computer, by IBM 1999: the first internet micronation called Audentior 2009: start of the smartphone and tablet expantion 2013: the funding of A1969

Government and politics

Z1969 is a direct democracy. It has a President who only represent the nation, all the power belongs to the Parlement.

Law and order

The Parlement forms the only judge.

Foreign relations

Currently Z1969 hasn't any diplomatic relations, but it will start contacting several nations and organisations soon.


The nation hasn't any military facilities.

Geography and climate

Z1969 isn't locateable because it is part of a worldwide network called the internet. Because of that, it hasn't a capital either.


Currently there isn't many economic activity. President Julius wants to start it up later.


Z1969 represents the internet generation.


There is an official stateblog, which can be find here.

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