Republic of Wirlad

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República de Wirlad

Por y para.
Capital cityAnkera
Official language(s)Spanish
Short nameWirlad
GovernmentParliamentary republic of autonomous communities
- Presidente de la RepúblicaRobertino Quiroz (Interino desde el 27 de noviembre de 2016)
- Presidente del GobiernoFrostbite (en funciones desde el 15 de Octubre)
LegislatureCongreso de los Diputados de Wirlad (Parliament of Wirlad)
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 350
- Last election - 15/10/2016
Time zoneUTC +1
National animalDog

The Republic of Wirlad is led by Ankor being President of the Republic and President of the Government Frostbite. Wirlad was founded in November 2015, which triggered a crisis of inactivity. He had a civil war, giving cattle to the government side. Following that war, Wirlad is plunged into a crisis of inactivity, giving approval of an organic law giving within 48–72 hours to reactivate Wirlad, just 2 hours before the deadline.

Ankor Wirlad was founder, President Constituent Republic. After elections, they took his place in the 1st, 4th, 7th and 9th elections. Frostbite leads in the micronation since 26 December, his first party founded by him was presented to the 4th Wirlad elections, winning them but without a majority. So the not ruled as it emerged Stability Pact, formed by PND and PPD.

Its capital is Ankera. It is divided into autonomous communities.

Member of the UMR

Government and Politics

The legislative body is the "Congreso de los Diputados y Diputadas de Wirlad". To elect a president of the republic or government have to go through an endowment session where you vote in favor, abstention or against, the first vote is with absolute majority, if not reach 10 minutes later you repeat the same, but in this case, a simple majority is needed, more ayes than noes. If negativity have 12 hours to another vote, should not be a government, two days after the election call, they would turn to call elections within Saturday of the week in which it is.


The National Legal Wirlad power rests with the legislative body to the Ministry of Justice and in extreme cases, the Council of Ministers of Wirlad

Administrative divisions

By Article 2.1 of the constitution of Wirlad August 2016, it states that the terriotorial Wirlad division is autonomous self-governing communities, approve own laws. They have to obey some supranational laws.

Autonomous communities are as follows:

-Community Autonoma de Gallatrya

-Community Autonoma de Oricur

-Community Autonoma de Libonas

-Community Autonoma de Arcarctova

-Community Autonoma de Amum


Wirlad economy is high and strong, not unemployment, but the economy falls during August and September.