Republic of Williamsburg

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Republic of Williamsburg
Republic Of Williamsburg.png

For the Republic
I vow to thee my country
New York United States
Capital cityFort Johnson
Official language(s)English
- ChancellorRobert B. Williams IV
EstablishedJuly, 2012
Area claimed2 acres
CurrencyWilliamsburg Dollar
National sportBowling
National animalEastern BlueBird

Williamsburg, officially the Republic of Williamsburg is a micronation that is located in Liverpool, New York, which was founded on 31 of March 2020 by Robert Williams IV who also serves as the first Chancellor. The nation's total land size is about 2 acres and its capital is Fort Johnson.


The Government of Williamsburg is lead by the Chancellor. The Chancellor holds all power within the Republic. The Chancellor holds all executive, legislative, and judicial positions in the nation while also leads the Williamsburg Grenadiers. Elections for the office of the Chancellor take place on the first of every July. All local citizens are given the right to vote within the Republic.


Around July 2012, the Republic of Diamond Head was founded, however, it was largely forgotten until March of 2020, where it would be renamed to the Republic of Williamsburg.

The Republic was founded by former Onontakeken Chancellor, Robert Williams. A provisional government was set up by Robert Williams that was originally going to make the nation an elective monarchy. After further consideration, it was decided that the nation would become a republic.

On 6/29/2020, Chancellor Robert Williams IV ratified the first constitution of the Republic.

Williamsburg Grenadiers

Flag of the Grenadiers

The Williamsburg Grenadiers are the policing and military force of Williamsburg. Currently, there are 5 members in the grenadiers, within two divisions, the online, that protects from cyber affairs, and the local, which provides policing in the capital, Fort Johnson. The standard enlistment ranks from lowest to highest are Guardsmen, Black Guard, Highland Guard, Grenadier Guard. The standard NCO ranks from lowest to highest are Corporal, Sergant, and Sergeant Major. The standard officer ranks from lowest to highest are Ensign, Captain, Chancellor. Anthem of the Williamsburg Grenadiers->

Fort Johnson

Flag of Fort Williams

Fort Johnson is the capital of the Republic, at 2 acres, it is the only land claim of the Republic. Fort Johnson is located in Liverpool, NY, USA. The Capital is a park which is known for its summer concerts that feature local musicians and an enjoyable place to enjoy a nice afternoon. Anthem of Fort Johnson->

First National Bank of Williamsburg

The First National Bank of Williamsburg founded in late June 2020, by Chancellor Williams IV. The bank is an online-only bank available o all citizens of Williamsburg.


Name Date Notes
New Years Day 1 January Celebrating the new year
Labor Day First Friday of February Celebration of all the labor done by the citizens of Williamsburg.
Independence Day 31 March Celebration of our Independence
Chancellor Day 16 April Celebrates the Chancellor.
Senate Celebration Day 18 June Celebrating the work of the Senate
Service Day 25 August Commemorates all who served in the Williamsburg police force
Native's Day Second Monday in October Remembers those who are native to our lands.
Christmas Day (Western Christian Rites) 25 December Celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

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