Republic of Vissk

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Symbolic Republic of Vissk
Flag of Vissk.jpg
Motto: “To those who you have power over, do not harm, but help.”
Anthem: Celebrate the Visski!
File:Adelaide, South Australia
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Visski
EstablishmentSeptember 2020
CurrencyVisski Kuna
Preceded by
This nation is a member of the Adelaide Co Prosperity Sphere

The Symbolic Republic of Vissk, officially known as the Vaki Ila Slavni Sijik Kuja, is a micronation located on the banks of the River Torrens, fully surrounded by Adelaide, South Australia. Vissk declared its independence in September 2020. The capital city of the Republic of Vissk is Glavnigrad, located on the western side of the country.


The name Vissk is an acronym for Vaki Ila Slavni Sijik Kuja, roughly translating to Union of Slavs down under, referring to the many citizens of this nation, having Slavic heritage.



On the 12th of August 2020, a group of friends founded Vissk, as a micronation and planned for the Vissk Independence, planned to take place on the 1st of September of that year. They voted into power Zac Bacshuma, one of the founders of the nation to be the inaugural president.


The Independence of the Republic of Vissk came on 1 September 2020, when Zac Bacshuma's first government announced and passed the Vissk declaration of independence.


The Government system in place in the Republic of Vissk is a system that is not seen anywhere else in the world. The system in use in Vissk is a no-party system, and all politicians are independent. The current president can pick other politicians as their certain ministers, but these politicians can run against them for the presidency, or vote against them in an election or in an in-government vote.

2020 November Elections

The November elections started on the 12th of November 2020. There are two candidates in the running, Alfred "Alfie" Warrington and Zac Bacshuma. This will end the Provisional government of Zac Bacshuma. The election will be called on the 15th of November

Foreign Relations

The current minister for language and international relations is Alfred “Alfie” Warrington. Vissk is a member of the Global Micronational Council, and the Australian Micronational Council branch of the GMC, as well as the Adelaide Co Prosperity Sphere of the AMC.


Vissk is located in a largely flat area, although small hills can be found like Pavils Hill, south west of Glavnigrad and Valdis Hill on the north-eastern border with Australia.


Vissk is separated in to regions, which are based on one city and it's surroundings. These regions are Glavnigrad, Salvadorija, Kajivels, Valles, Taspotbeji, Matejis, and Serges.



Vissk is currently ongoing a currency transition. On the 28/10/2020, the Vissk Government put into action the new currency, the Visski Kuna. At this time, it is currently tied to the Australian Dollar, at 1 cent = 1 kuna. This tie will continue until full transition is complete, as the AUD is still currently being accepted.



One of the main ingredients used in Visski food is garlic. One of the major dishes served in Vissk is a Garlic Ciabatta, originating in Glavnigrad. Another Famous Visski ingredient is Vissk Cheese, a cheese which has a strong taste and a chewier texture compared to other cheeses. Vissk Cheese is served a lot in Vissk Bulkamesni (similar to a burger) and in Kielsvitak (similar to a hot dog).


The language of Vissk is called Visski. It is a con-pidgin, created predominantly by Alfie and Zac. It consists of mainly Slavic vocabulary, specifically from Croatian and Polish. It has a simplified English grammar. It has numerous grammatical particles, which are somewhat inspired by the Japanese language.


Sport in Vissk is run by the Vissk Institute for Sport (VIS). Vissk has many large sporting facilities located around the nation including: Serges Sporting Complex (Fields for Grass Sports including the largest outdoor arena in the nation), Tasbotbeji Tennis Centre, and the Vissk National Arena (located in Mateijs).