Republic of Sintos

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Republic of Sintos
FlagO Sintos22.pngHerbusO Sintos.png

Sinos RespublikaNATURE.png
Map of Sinta
Capital citySintautai
Largest citySintautai
Official language(s)Lithuanian Norwegian
Short nameSinta
GovernmentParliamentary Republic
Area claimed631km²
CurrencySintat ($NT)
This nation is a Joke Nation!

Sinta (or The Republic of Sintos, nor. Republikk Sinta, ltu. Sintos Respublika) is a small Joke Nation located in the Northern Europe region, surrounded by Lithuania in the east and south, by the Republic of Parka in the north and by the Kaliningrad Oblast in the west. The capital and the biggest city of Sinta is Sintautai (where the name of the country originates from). Official language of the Republic of Sintos is Lithuanian, but languages such as English or Norwegian are also spoken.


State structure

Flag of The Republic of Sintos
Old flag of The Republic of Sintos
Coat of arms of The Republic of Sintos

State symbols

Sinta has had two known flags and one coat of arms

The flag that is used today was created in 2004. It was created to commemorate the 300 years of Sinta's independence.


Territorial divisions