Republic of Scotannaea

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Republic of Scotannaea

  • Repoblek a Skottannaea (Cornish)
    Эґбԃσгӿѫ ϙϣ Ϩѫϙψԃщщπԃ (Scotan Grelic)


Coat of arms
Motto: Fas an livreson (English: Face the Liberation)
Anthem: None
Swindon, United Kingdom
Government Map
Largest cityBrownsea Quay
Official languagesEnglish & Cornish (de jure)
Scotan Grelic (de facto)
• President
Jeremy Kloth
• Chairman of the National Assembly
Rev. Jack Booth
LegislatureNational Assembly of Scotannaea
Establishment18 August 2013
• Census
CurrencyScotan Relua (XTR)
Time zoneGMT & BST

The Republic of Scotannaea, commonly known as Scotannaea,is a country situated with many territorial claims and is governed in different places. It is a unicameral parliament so there is the President which oversees all the country's activity. And the Prime Minister which makes government decisions. The capital city of Scotannaea is Clares, and its largest city is Brownsea Quay in the Studland Islands. The average estimated population for 2013 was secured for over 1 million unregistered citizens. The current President of Scotannaea is Jeremy Kloth and was inducted as the 1st President of Scotannaea on the 18th August 2013 on the same day as independence.