Republic of Polanda

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Republic of Polanda
República de Polanda


Luchando por la democracia y la libertad
(es: Fighting for democracy and freedom)
Radetzky March
Spain Blank Outline.jpg
Madrid and Vigo, Spain
Capital cityCarrington
Largest cityPeñosa
Official language(s)Castilian
Short namePolanda
DemonymPolandese polandés/a (castilian)
GovernmentParliamentary republics, where a separate head of government leads the executive
- Prime MinisterPablo Estévez
LegislatureNational Assembly
Established14 November 2015
Area claimedTBD
CurrencyLar(Ł) (de jure)
Euro(€) (de facto)
Time zone(UTC +1)
* summer (UTC +2)
National sportTic-tac-toe
National animalPhoenix


Polanda, officially the Republic of Polanda (Castilian: República de Polanda), is a micronation located in the Iberian Peninsula. It is governed by an elected Prime Minister holding executive powers and an unicameral parliament based on the strict application of direct democracy.


The word Polanda came up randomly. The idea of creating a micronation was already in the air, but there was a big gap: The name. During a random conversation, one person said Polanda instead of Polonia (Spanish word for Poland). People liked Polanda, so it was established as the name of the new nation.


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Government and politics

The Prime Minister is the Head of State and Government. He/she is elected every three months through elections. The Prime Minister can propose laws to the Parliament, sign Executive Orders (without the Parliament’s vote) and grant pardon to the law-breakers. He can also ban laws, but the Parliament can skip the ban if they approve it with absolute majority. If the Prime Minister resigns or dies, the Viceprime Minister would suceed him as Head of State and Government. There are protocols to assure the government continuity. Every Prime Minister must take the oath of office: I, (insert name), will faithfully execute the office of Prime Minister of the Republic of Polanda and that I will preserve, protect and defend the Polandese Constitution. The PM is also the one who approves or denies citizenship applications. The candidates must be near the Polandese territory. The Prime Minister is advised my the Cabinet. Nowadays there are this Ministries: Ministry of National Security Advises the Prime Minister about home affairs and the impact of some politics in the nation. This Ministry controls applications for collaborator. Ministry of Commerce and Treasury Controls the Polandese Economic Space. Advices the Prime Minister about taxes and money emissions.

Ministry of Equality Assures that the politics of the Government don’t discriminate women, LGBTQ+ community and minorities. Ministry of Culture Promotes projects that support Polandese culture. Ministry of Justice Manages burocracy and judicial protocols. Ministry of Development Advises the Prime Minister about development of the nation.

They follow the orders of the PM in each subject. If a Minister is accused of breaking the law and the judge declares him guilty, he or she must resign. The Prime Minister also controls the foreign policy. He is the one who declares war and signs peace, both with parliamentary authorization. The Parliament, or National Assembly, holds the Legislative power. Every polandese citizen without any criminal charges is member of the chamber. All the laws approved by the National Assembly are called Legislative Decrees. The National Assembly can amend the Constitution. They also control the action of the Prime Minister and the Government. The Prime Minister also chairs the Parliament.

Law and order

The Supreme Court of Justice helds the Judicial Power. It is managed by the President of the Supreme Court of Justice (or PCSJ). The PCSJ term has no limit, it ends when he/she resigns or dies. The new PCSJ is appointed by the Prime Minister, with the approval of Parliament. The Supreme Court declares innocent or guilty to every person accused of breaking the law. If the judicial sentence is appealed, the PCSJ is the one who has the last word. Judicial sentences must be supported by a Legislative Decree, an Executive Order, the Penal Code or the Constitution. The Attorney General is appointed by the Prime Minister, but he/she must be independent from the Government. He/She demands offenders. There is no Polandese Police, the General Attorney and his/her workers have similar powers than a police. They have the support of the Ministry of National Security and the National Organization for Defence and Intelligence, Home Section.

Foreign relations

The Prime Minister has the last word on diplomacy. The Legislative Decree 3/2015 of Foreign Policy established some rules about diplomatic relations. The nation that applies for a diplomatic relation with Polanda must: Have 1 month of demonstrated and constant activity. Have an official website. Have no extraterrestrial territory reclaimed. Have a democratic government. Be serious. Each polandese government has also its own criteria. Nowadays, the nation who applies also must: Respect LGBTQ+ rights. Fight climate change. Support feminism. Have a decent separation between Church and State. Promote Science, History and Culture.

Following this rules, Polanda has diplomatic links with nations all around the globe. Polanda has only one embassy, in the Imperial State of Smyrna.


The Prime Minister is the Commander in Chief. He holds the supreme mand of the Great Polandese Army. The Prime Minister is advised by at least three Generals, the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In case of war, all Polandese citizens are recruited, excepting the members of the Cabinet and the Supreme Court. The Polandese Army weapons are classified. The Army is also supported by the National Organization for Defence and Intelligence (ONDEI, in Spanish), Foreign Section; a.k.a Polandese secret services. Polanda has never been involved in any conflict.

Geography and climate

Polanda is ubicated in Madrid, the capital city of Spain. Its exact location is classified, for national security.


The Polandese economy is managed by the Ministry of Commerce and Treasury. The Polandese Economic Space is a Cyclos platform. The main services offered to citizens are related to vexicology, massages, pictures, drawings and books. You can also play lottery and bet. Polanda has signed economical treaties with the Socialist Republic of Germax and the Confederation of Catonia. DIHERSA S.A, a company from Catonia, opened a subsidiary in Polanda: IMPREPOL.


The Polandese culture is very rich. From the Government, who supports national and international cultures (See Festival of Microvision) to the citizens. The music band Trifásicos is largely supported by the Polandese public. Cinema is also an important subject in Polanda. Some citizens have build up the project “Festival Méliès”, a summer film festival for the neighborhood with the support of the Polandese Government. Also series are an important matter of discussion. Almost every citizen follows, at least, one series. Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, House of Cards, Supernatural, Sherlock... We can say that a large variety of fandoms are represented in the Polandese society. It’s not a coincidence that spoilers are defined as a crime in the Penal Code. Harry Potter needs an special section. Its support is almost unanimous. This wonderful saga is protected by law, if you insult it you will be expulsed for three months. The Council of Magic is the organism who manages the Harry Potter fandom. It elects a Ministry of Magic, and they can approves Acts related with Harry Potter. Also, every citizen must be sorted into a House: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. Family is a very important subject in Polanda. Gay marriage is completely legal (if it was not, it would be unconstitutional). Also, the National Assembly approved polygamy. Adoption is also something possible. If you want, you could marriage someone, invent a new surname and adopt people!

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