Republic of New Atlantis

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Republic of New Atlantis
Flag of New Atlantis.svg

Barge off the coast of Jamaica
Short nameNew Atlantis
GovernmentPresidential constitutional republic
- PresidentLeicester Hemingway
EstablishedJuly 4th, 1964
Area claimed120 ft²
CurrencyNew Atlantis Scruple, United States Dollar
Time zoneUTC-5:00

The Republic of New Atlantis was a micronation claiming half of a bamboo barge eight miles off the coast of Jamaica. It was founded by Leicester Hemingway on July 4th, 1964, immediately after claiming the other half of the barge for the United States of America via the Guano Islands Act.

New Atlantis ran successfully as a country, business and de facto oceanographic research facility until 1966, when a tropical storm tore the barge apart and fishermen ransacked the remains. New Atlantis was bordered by an unrecognized territory of the United States, and possibly the territorial waters of Jamaica.


The name New Atlantis is taken from the legendary city of Atlantis, which is said to have sunken into the ocean according to popular myth.