Republic of Malduvia

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Republic of Malduvia
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Until the end of the world!
Republic Malduvia Manet In Aeternum Vive
Capital cityMoerkapelle
Official language(s)Dutch and English
Short nameMalduvia
Established26 August 2015
Area claimed3 km²
CurrencyEuro (€)
National animalThe GoldFish

Official Website

The Republic of Malduvia. A micronation in the middle of the Netherlands. A vassal state of Verdoleania. And led by President Nils I. Malduvia is still a young nation but with a lot of potential. The form of Government is a presidential Republic, where the president have all the power.


The Republic of Malduvia is founded by Nils k. also the president of the country. After the first day it became a vassal state of the Kingdom of Verdoleania. Verdoleania helps Malduvia with the country. There are also plans for a Union or Commonwealth.

Official Documents


Malduvia is led by a president. He also has all the power of the country. And he is also Chief of the Malduvian army. Every one and a half years, the people of Malduvia choose a new president. The country is a vassal state of the Kingdom of Verdoleania. The King of Verdoleania has also a bit of power in Malduvia. He is patron of Malduvia. The euro is still the Malduvian currency. Malduvian citizens can still to Dutch facilities. Citizens have the right to a court case to start. That comes at the expense of the Government.

Declaration of Independence

We the people of Malduvia declare themselves independent of the Kingdom of Netherlands. We are done with that high taxes and desire for a State without tax. Our country will be led by a president. He has all the power in the country. That we trust him. Long live Malduvia!


Date Name Remarks
1 January New Year's Day Public holiday in Malduvia
29 August Independence Day On this day, we celebrate that Malduvia become independence from The Netherlands.
25 December Christmas Day Celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.