Republic of Macahdon

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Short Description

The Republic of Macahdon was a defunct Regime that ruled the area now controlled by the Kingdom of Arum it was founded on the 2nd of June 2016, it was an Oligarchy controlled by 6 noble houses who split up control of the state between themselves it was plagued by inactivity leading to a successful coup by one of the Noble houses on the 5th of July 2016.


Civil War

on the 1st of July the Civil war begun it essentially only took a singular day to win all territory but no peace talks were held till the 5th of July. it all started when a problem emerged within the Republic of inactivity leading to the houses not being able to do anything as there weren't enough people active to technically pass any legislative action.

Leading to the 'Republican' revolt which was supported by House Griffon and House Richard, the collapse came so suddenly as the forces of the two houses were already prepared and it could take days for Macahdon's forces to rally to one point (and the fact that only half the people knew a civil war was happening).

Over the next four days the forces of the other houses attempted to fight but quickly gave up as they couldn't coordinate an attack with the other houses leading to the capitulation of the government and the striping of titles from the other houses and in its place rose the Republic of Liam, named after their dictator and future king of Arum.