Republic of Kaion

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Republic of Kaion
NPNG.png FlagCOAK.png Coat of Arm's

"Unified and Free."
"Kaionese hymn"

Capital city Slavalia
Largest city Slavalia
Official language(s) English, Polish, Russian
Official religion(s) Roman Catholicism
Short name Kaion
Demonym Kaionese
Government Republic Semi Dictatorship
Legislature Parliament
Established 3 September 2017
Population 12
Currency Zaini
Time zone EST
National drink Milk
National animal Cat

Under Construction (Kaion Website)

The Republic of Kaion (referred to as Kaion) is a micronation founded on 3 September 2017 under the name Jacksontin. It used to have 3 leaders, the main one being Isaac E. Later in December 2017 it changed its name to Kaion and its flag. It now only has one leader, Prime Minister Isaac E.

Current Status

Kaion is active like most other micronations.


The Republic of Kaion (Referred to as Kaion) is a micronation founded on September, 3rd, 2017 under the name Jacksontin. During the Jacksontin times, it was oddly governed. It used to have 3 leaders, the main one being Isaac E. Later in December 2017 it changed its name to Kaion and its flag. It now only has one leader, Prime Minister Isaac E. 2018 is when stuff mostly began. Diplomatic relations began with a lot of nations, like Andany. it had a short war against Duke, referred to as the few hours war as it lasted a few hours. This would be kaions only war.

People's Republic Times

The People's Republic of Kaion began near the middle of December 2017 and ended on 6/14/2018 because of Democratic reforms. In this era Kaion was a lot more communist. When the Democratic reforms happened, Kaion became a lot less communist and it fully ended being communnist around September-November 2018.

Democratic Reforms Times

Democratic Reforms was a time when kaion was becoming a lot more democratic. Many parties Emerged during this time like the National-Capitalist Party and the Liberal Party. During this time Kaion dropped relations with Andany but was still neutral about the Andany Situation. During this Era, Kaion Opened up relations with a few more Micronations. The Democratic Reforms Era ended on 4th November 2018.


The Kaionese Goverment was a Communist goverment meaning that it used socialism ( Also with Freedoms like Freedom of Religion and etc.) Kaion has a Prime Minister as a leader and has a Parliment. The goverment also has Other Partys Like The Democratic Ecology and Peace Party's. On June 14th, 2018, the leader announced democratic reforms and the nation was renamed Democratic Republic of Kaion. with more partys like the Reactionairy and liberal partys.

Adminstrative Regions

Kaion has 3 Types of Admistrative Regions Province, District and Territory

Name Flag Capital
Calabas Calabas.png Qingtang City
Crodesia Crodesia.png Dog City
Konsava Konsava.png Borderland
New Poland New Poland.png New Warsaw
New Russia New Russia2.png New Moscow
PeaceRoad PeaceRoad.png PeaceTown
Plateuion Plat2.png Lowo
Serberia Serberia.png Trussels
District of Slavalia DOS.png Slavalia
Kaionese Khersoland NK.png KhersoKapital
Outer Municipalitys OMP.png Municipaliten

Parties and elections

Elections in Kaion are held every 2 Years to keep The Parliment and Senate fresh. There are 2 Political parties in Kaion the Democracy Kaion Party, the National Capitalist party, and the Liberal Party.

Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Idieolgies Parliament Senate
Democracy Kaion Party KCP DMK.png Isaac E Centre-Left Social Liberal
4 / 7
0 / 5
National-Capitalist Party NCP KNCP.png Hibot Centre-Right Capitalism
3 / 7
0 / 5
Independent or Vacant I N/A N/A N/A N/A
0 / 7
5 / 5

Foreign Relations

Foreign Relations and Foreign Affairs are mostly run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Republic of Kaion Has Multiple Diplomatic Missions Like Embassys Consulate General's and Consulates's in other Micronations and Macronations. Kaion also has Ambassadors to other Micronations and Macronations aswell. Kaion has maintaned a friendly and Peaceful approach to Diplomatic relations where kaion will never declare war on another micronation.


Kaion is located near New York, however, a little bit more south. Outer Municipalities is located in southern New Jersey.


Kaionese culture is like the USA's but more Roman Catholic Kaion Celebrates all USA holidays except the Fourth of July the Fourth of July is replaced with a Holiday on September 3rd called Independence day. Kaionese Traditions are mostly derived from Polish traditions. The Kaionese language made in 2018 also plays a part in Kaionese Culture. The reason with Polish traditions is because Prime Minister Isaac E has Ancestry from Poland. There are some Polish people.


Kaion's legitamacy is like any other micronation debatableness; it wouldn't be able to gain international recognition like most other micronations.

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