Republic of Jelasia

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The Republic of Jelasia

The Republic of Jelasia is a Micronation, formed on the date of 8/1/18. Jelasia currently has a Representative Democracy, and is parented by the United States. Jelasia was originally founded by Micah James, the current President of State. (President)


Current flag of Jelasia.

Jelasia was founded on August 1, 2018. Jelasia was originally going to be named Estelaysia. After debating, on the day of September 5, the name Jelasia was thought of and applied to the country. The President is currently developing the Micronation into something more bigger than what it is now. Federal Government was established on September 7, meaning the President and the Justice Systems have equal power. The People's Safety and Protection Services is the acting police as of now. As of 02/22/19, Jelasia has claimed the city of Altai to be the nation's capitol and housing area for the Great houses of Power. The current title for the President is President of State.


The flag of Jelasia is composed of a four point star that is white and a red background. The red background represents the strength within Jelasia. The white represents peace in Jelasia. The flag is marked unofficial and is subject to changes at all times. The flag was created on the 31st of May.

Land and Claims

Currently, the Federal Republic of Jelasia claims about an acre of land (which is represented as a backyard) along with some forest land. The location of the claim is in the North American (United States) state of Georgia (US STATE).

Recognized Nations

The Republic of Xjanistan

The Empire of Aeternia

Still adding more nations.

Unrecognized Nations

Peoples Republic of Parkastopia—Socialist Nation


The Federal Republic of Jelasia currently identifies as a Representative Democracy. The people vote for who they wish to have serve as the President of State. Each Presidential term lasts for 2 years until elections come back up. The current and longest serving President of State is Micah James. When voting is open, citizens will go to a polling website and choose who the best choice in their opinion is. Voting lasts two days. After the period, the votes are collected and read. Before this, however, the candidates will sign up for elections. After signing up, they will campaign for three weeks. Campaigning will show in the form of advertisements in photos or videos. Most political parties are allowed other than Anarchism, Communism, and Socialism. These restrictions are here to ensure the freedoms of the people.

Religion and Culture

In Jelasia, religion is a wide factor. The biggest religion rests at Christianity. The second biggest is Islam. As in culture, the citizens of Jelasia enjoy to do many activities and eat a variety of foods. The national sport is Association Football. There is no current national team however. As in foods, the citizens of Jelasia enjoy Cabbage Gołąbki, Pierogi, and Fried Ice Cream. Others include a drink of origin of Jelasia, called Liquid Cookie, which is composed of crumbled cookies in a cup of milk (half cup, half cookies). Another item of origin is Peanutchoco Spread. It is a mix of cocoa powder, peanut butter, maple syrup, chocolate syrup, one spoonful of sugar, and crushed cereal (preferred Cheerios). Cabbage is eaten on holidays such as Easter, Frelsisdagur (Freedom day), and New Years. Desserts such as Liquid Cookie are traditionally introduced on special days or Birthdays.

Cultural Languages

The following languages are found to be a more common language used by natives and tourists.

English: Native. Poleanian: Second hand language, 23% of the population uses. German: 3% learning


Holiday Date Meaning
New Years 1 January Start of a New Year. Celebrated with Gołąbki.
Disease and Condition awareness day 10 January A day awareness for all conditions and diseases. Pink and Green are colours that are usually worn to represent the awareness day.
Frelsisdagur 8 June "Freedom Day" - When Jelasia was freed from Communists ways.
Safety Day 1 July A day to recognize safety and Law Enforcement.
Military Appreciation Week 4 August - 11 August A week dedicated to recognizing the armed forces of Jelasia.
09.11 Day 11 September Holiday derived from the American holiday, Patriots' Day remembering a series of terrorist attacks from the terror group commonly known as al-Qaeda on the World Trade Centres, Pentagon, and the other Airplane that crashed and claimed each innocent life.
Halloween 31 October A spooky day of screams and freights... and LOTS of candy!
Thanksgiving 15 November Hence the name, this day is in place to thank everyone of their duties and their work in Jelasia from the preceding year.
National Fire Awareness Day 23 November A day to recognize Fire Suppressors (Nation Fire Suppressors Committee (or Fire Department)).
Christmas Day 25 December A day to recognize the birth of Jesus Christ. Celebrated with presents, Gołąbki, Liquid Cookie, and Pierogi.
Day of Recap 29 December A day to recap everything that has gone on from the current year.