Republic of Fort Woodchuck

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Republic of Fort Woodchuck and Fort Hailey's
Coat of arms of Fort Woodchuck
Coat of arms
Anthem: "You're a Grand Old Flag"
New map of Fort Woodchuck
New map of Fort Woodchuck
StatusDisolved (2021 - 2022)
CapitalNew Allen
GovernmentBlue-Socialist One Party System
• President
Allen J. Hanna
• 2022 census

The Republic of Fort Woodchuck, officially the Republic of Fort Woodchuck and Fort Hailey's, often simply referred to as Fort Woodchuck, was a micronation in Northern Illinois and had a population of 7 people. The president was Allen J. Hanna and it used the Pennonian as its currency which was equivalent to 1 US dollar. It claimed territory in the Great Lakes Area of the United States

The nation was formed in 2021 as Fort Allen and had a population of 2 and was dissolved in 2022 and became the Abyei Republic.


The name "Fort Woodchuck" came from an old fort located in west Woodchuckia in the Fort Woodchuck district. The fort was originally called Fort Allen but was renamed because of the abundance of Groundhogs in Northern Illinois


The nation was formerly Fort Allen under United States rule with a population of only 2. It slowly developed when cement was discovered under the fort, starting a month-long project of clearing away dirt and leaves. After a while, the fort was rebuilt with a new road. This is when the first flag was raised. On August 4, 2021, the area was renamed Fort Woodchuck because of the nearby Woodchucks surrounding the Illinois landscape. After a while, the fort was abandoned after not being used for a couple of months. Soon on September 20, 2021, the fort was renamed again and declared independence as the People's Confederacy of Arrowstan, a communist nation. After a month, Arrowstan collapsed and came out as the Socialist Republic of Fort Woodchuck.

Recognized nations

A list of nations the Republic of Fort Woodchuck recognized


The Republic of Fort Woodchuck has been in one war against the United States of America, to get international recognition from other micronations. The war was called off after realizing everyone thought the war was stupid. Fort Woodchuck claims it is the winner of the war. Right now, the Republic of Fort Woodchuck is working on founding the Woodchuckian Nuclear Services, a program to help develop Nuclear weapons.

The Grand Empire of Schpecktenia planned to go to war with Fort Woodchuck, but the conflict was resolved.


Fort Woodchuck has many laws that were made in 2022, they were made official in "10 Laws of Woodchuckia"

LAW #1: All should have a licence for any specific activity they participate in such as fishing, hunting, driving, and security.

LAW #2: All should respect each other races, ethnicities, and sexualities in any territory.

LAW #3: All should have the right to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press.

LAW #4: All should have the right to:

  1. Work anywhere
  2. Own property or a home
  3. Apply for any license
  4. Join the military
  5. Apply for federal jobs

LAW #5: All should have the right to go to any school or college they want to be educated at.

LAW #6: All should pay taxes as well as bills that they are given.

LAW #7: All should have the right to vote in general elections for mayor, dispatch, or president.

LAW #8: All should have fair working wages, better living conditions, and clean working conditions.

LAW #9: All should have the right to ride on any type of transportation such as bus, train, ship, or plane.

LAW #10: All should have the right to a fair trial if they are convicted of committing a crime.

Flag of Fort Woodchuck
See adjacent text.
Flag of Fort Woodchuck
Name Woodchuckian Banner
Use Civil and state flag
Proportion 3:5
Adopted September 27, 2021; 2 years ago (2021-09-27)
Design A horizontal blue, white and yellow stripes, separated by two narrow red stripes. A circle with a banner and hammer is in the center
Designed by Allen Hanna


The flag of Fort Woodchuck was adopted in 2021 and was designed by Allen J. Hanna. The blue represents the sky above the Woodchuckian land, the white represents the peace and cold winters of Northern Illinois, the red stripes represent the former American-owned Fort Allen, and the yellow represents the strength of the Military. The red circle represents the sun in the sky. The banner represents the unity of the people. and the hammer represents the growing spirit of Fort Woodchuck.