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The Republic

The official Flag of Escaplieria. Created by Minister Ayden Fisher.

The Republic of Escaplieria is based at Atlee and Weddington High School, where many Congressional decisions are made upon representatives. The name Escaplieria comes from the word ESCAPE, which is what it aims to be as a country. Whether from politics, relationships, or a hard day at work, it provides a minor escape from it all. [1]

Quick Facts!

  • Many citizens haven't ever visited the country, so don't feel bad if you'll never see Escaplieria's full glory! In fact, many citizens have never visited the country.
  • The Government is almost non-existent. You can Take a breather knowing that there is almost no current governmental system to suppress or tax the heck out of you.
  • We have a 100% approval rating. In fact, Throughout all of our history, Escaplieria has been able to keep a 100% approval rating between its citizens.


The Republic of Escaplieria was created on March 14, 2017 (A.K.A. Dependence Day). The idea of starting it originated from Ayden Fisher with Inspiration by Danny Wallace, but it couldn't have been built without the help of Aidan Hill. They worked together coming up with the name Escaplieria. At the time, it consumed only part of the bandroom of Atlee High School.

Before long, the nation grew to 12 citizens [], had a website, and was holding it's first election (Up until this time, Ayden Fisher was serving as Interim Minister of Internal Affairs). The election lasted a week long; 9 out of 12 citizens voted. A major conflict discussed during the election was over the role of parks and libraries. Ayden Fisher was elected Minister of Internal Affairs, Mathew Fisher to Minister of External Affairs, Aidan Hill to Secretary of Sanity, Paige Mudd to Secretary of Education, Annalise Fisher to Secretary of Citizen Needs, Joi Taylor to Secretary of Treasury, Mckenna Salvant to Attorney General, Olivia Fisher to Head of Parks and Recreation Department, and Ian Fisher to Senator.

Escaplieria National Auditorium

Those Government officials would go down in history. Through their terms they fought terrorism, oversaw the first congressional meetings and executive orders, flew the first Escapliera Flag, and expanded the country to 919,000 square feet of territory. The citizen base also grew to 50 citizens (as of June 2017)! Without their help, the country would surely not be the same.

It's early days did not come without trouble. A group of Terrorists lead by some not-so-anonymous members was created. The unnamed terrorist group involved a large portion of the population at the time. Unfortunately the group is still prevalent and hasn't been fully exterminated. Also, Coups started rising around the first election involving multiple persons. Their unsuccessful plan was to turn Escaplieria into a Bi-Dictatorship. Even today, Escaplieria faces troubles with a new Anti-Government group forming and spreading propaganda across the country. The group is currently under investigation.

Recently the Republic created a new "branch", which is completely independent, with the exception of a shared M.E.A. (Minister of External Affairs) and constitutional system. The new branch is slowly picking up speed, currently with only a few citizens. Ayden Fisher is in charge of overseeing the branch grow until it reaches a size to hold regular elections.


The republic of Escaplieria are a representative democracy, in which all officials are voted on by the people. Despite having representatives in office, most matters are voted upon by the people. All Governmental actions are alerted to the people. Any citizen is eligible to hold office and vote. There are 9 Main office positions in the base government. Any person can create their own position in government (i.e. Dictator, Secretary of Sanity), but if they are running alone, they must get 75%+ vote. Of course, most people can be impeached with a 70% vote of the people.

There are two branches of Escaplieria. They both independently run themselves, with the exception of the Minister of External Affairs, whom has power over both branches. The Branches can either make changes to themselves, or both branches with a joint vote. The Charlotte branch is still currently setting itself up to hopefully become as great as the original nation.

Descriptions of Most Governmental Positions Follow:

  • Minister of External Affairs (M.E.A.): Covers external affairs. Head-Head-Ambassador. *
  • Minister of Internal Affairs (M.I.A.): In charge of everything internal of the Area they are in charge of. Must be able to keep
  • Secretaries: Covers certain fields. Elected by the people to serve under their Minister of Internal Affairs.
  • Ambassador: Helps Minister of External affairs and works on external issues.
  • Illusionarys: In charge of Government and Citizen policing. They also help lower loads of Government officials. Lead by Secretary of Sanity.*
  • Senator/Judge: Works under Minister of Internal affairs. Brings bills to M.I.A.*

Since the 2017-2E Election, the Governmental officials include:

Parks and Rec Head vote results for the Escaplieria 2017-1 Election

Any citizen is able to hold office, here are the current citizens in office.

  • Minister of External Affairs: Mathew Fisher
  • Minister of [Internal] Atlee: Paige Mudd
  • ​Secretary of Treasury: Joi Taylor
  • Secretary of Education: Anonymous G.E.R.M. Representative
  • Secretary of Citizen Needs: McKenna Salvant
  • Minister of [Internal] Weddington: Ayden Fisher
  • Secretary of Sanity: Aidan Hill
  • Ambassadors: David Doyle, Devin McNulty
  • Head Ambassador: David Doyle
  • Senators (7): None
  • Justices (3): Mathew Fisher (Head) Connor McNulty (Atlee Judge)
  • Parks and Rec. Head: Olivia Fisher

Escaplieria does not have an official unique law list. The National law system is the exact same as the State of Virginia. That could change though, as the Government drafts its first set of unique laws. Many people might consider this an issue for Escaplieria, but with Virginia’s generous donations including free police power, there are no disputes and issues faced.

The Republic chooses not to write a Declaration of Independence either. This is not only because they rely so heavily on the United States, and some high government officials believe that the need for such a document is unnecessary and will cause more harm than good.


Escaplieria has a tight Border policy restricting most people from entering the country during night hours. Illegal immigrants are deported to their home nation and apprehended by their authorities. From that point, that person may not be able to enter the Nation at all for an extended period of time.

The large building inside the Atlee branch of Escapliera (Known as Atlee) is unlocked during early hours. After about 8:30, the only way to enter the building is by either a key card or somebody letting you in (Which is in some cases in fact, Illegal).

Footnotes and Future

Many people object that the country is a "hoax" or "fluke," but the truth is that Escaplieria is as much of a hoax as The Principality of Sealand, the Aerican Empire, or Filettino. Escaplieria is growing and developing just as any other micronation. They have permanent residents, land, and a stable government.

The future of Escaplieria isn't clear, but it is clear that it will continue making impacts in the community of Virginia and North Carolina. In fact, Escaplieria is more of a community than a country. It brings people together in meetings, website forums, and elections. People share ideas with each other and partake in researching the logistics of "creating" a country. So in short, sure it is a hoax. It's really a place where people escape into a accepting community. Where people can work together as a team. Where somebody who has nothing in common can have something in common. And that idea is definitely worth sharing to others.


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