Republic of Dartterra

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Republic of Dartterra
Flag Dartterra Flag.png

Fur Elise
Ontario, Canada
Capital cityLympstone
Largest cityLympstone
Official language(s)English
Recognised languagesFrench
Official religion(s)None
Short nameDartterra
EstablishedMarch 15th 2021
Area claimed2 acres
CurrencyDartterraium credit
Time zoneDartterraium Standard Time (EDT)
National drinkMaple Sap
National animalHawk
National exportMaple Syrup

The Republic of Dartterra is a republic based in Ontario Canada. It is. a sovereign state, more commonly known as a micronation due to its small size. Dartterra has a few citizens as it is a new micronation as it was formed on the 15th of March 2021.

The ruler holds the title of King, the current titleholder being King Zachary I. The King is the supreme office of government, supported by a Prime Minister and courts. The nation has representation and diplomatic ties with other MicroWiki Sector micronations, represented in the form of diplomats.


Maple Syrup

One of the primary industries within Dartterra is the Maple Syrup industry, every year in march the Darterraian association of taping places tapping buckets on most trees in Dartterra. Once the taping buckets are full the sap is sold to Datterra Maple Corp who filters the Maple Sap and then boils it down Maple Syrup and sells it the the residents of Dartterra for 10 Credits a litre.