Republic of Ataecania

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Republic of Ataecania
National Flag Ataecania.pngCoat Ataecania.png

«"Finis coronat opus
Without anthem
Official language(s)Without official language
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameAtaecania
GovernmentDirect democratic, Unitary, Republic
Established1 July 2018
CurrencyWithout official currency
Time zoneUtc +2:00
National sportFootball
National animalGoat


The Republic of Ataecania was a self-declared cultural nation or micronation, created on July 1, 2018 with the aim of researching and disseminating Celtiberian culture, as well as organizing artistic and recreational creativity events.

Ataecania was was dissolved on 9 July 2018.

Etymology and symbols

The origin of the name of the nation is due to the place where Ataegina, a Celtiberian goddess, was worshipped.

The National Flag of Ataecania is composed of three vertical stripes, blue, white and green, representing the sky, peace and earth, with the coat of arms in the center with a goat and wheat at its feet, representing the symbolism of Ataecina on blue background.

Territorial policy

The territorial question was dealt with in the origins of Ataecania, reaching the conclusion that sovereign states have emerged and imposed themselves through violence and wars, so to enter into their game by claiming territories would be to continue to bet on the legitimacy of violence and war to create a country.

Therefore, the properties of the citizens are the only territories used by the nation.

Government and politics

The Parliament in Ataecania is bicameral, with the National Assembly, of which every citizen over 21 years of age is a member, and the Senate, of which up to six of the most experienced citizens of the nation are members.

The figure of the President of Ataecania is completely symbolic. It is elected through the Senate and in practice serves as the nation's spokesperson for diplomatic and foreign relations.

Members of the Senate serve as magistrates in the Administration of Ataecania. The Senate may elect a fully symbolic president, who shall act as spokesperson for the Administration.


The judiciary consist of the Civil Court, High Court and the Constitutional Court.

The High Court deals with crimes within government or legislation, actions taken by citizens against the Administration and crimes that affect the general order in the nation.

The Constitutional Court deals with constitutional matters and crimes.

All cases not mentioned are automatically brought before the Civil Court.