Republic of Alicanto

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Republic of Alicanto
Licentia, Prosperitas, Parilitas
Human Step By Yoko Kanno (Interim)
Official language English (De Facto
Capital Knight
Date founded September 17, 2007
Number of citizens N/A
Number of active citizens N/A
Area Claimed Aprox. 4000 km2
Currency Alicantian Shell (ALS)
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Current leader Jonathan Bass
National animal Black-headed Caique
National fruit/food Apple
National drink N/A
National Sport N/A

The Republic of Alicanto is a micronation using constitutional monarchy with parliamentary democracy as its Governmental System and designed along with semi-libertarian Principles. Alicanto is Currently in dire straits, its entire line of succession having collapsed, leaving only the Emperor to continue representing his Nation whilst in exile in the United States. Its current land claims include Several Islands of the Pacific Nations of Tuvalu and Vanuatu, totalling some 4000 square km.


Official site for the Exiled Government (2022: dead link)