Republic of Alexantium

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Republic of Alexantium
Alexantium.jpgCoat of Arms.PNG

For Justice by Grace
"The Grand Orange Banner"
The south of Australia
Capital cityAntonium
Largest cityAntonium
Official language(s)English/ Ale'Deustch
Official religion(s)Protestant
Short nameAlexantium
GovernmentUnitary Reversed Preferential System
LegislatureThe Grand House
EstablishedNovember 26th 2016
Area claimed0.26km²
Population7 (as of April 2016)
CurrencyThe Roaul
Time zoneAEST
National sportSwimming
National animalThree Legged Possum


Alexantium is a simulationist micronation in southern Australia.


Founded in Melbourne on the 26th of November 2015 the Republic of Alexantium is a small Micro-nation that is a small power, the city of Melbourne itself dates back to 1835.


Alexantium has little in the way of culture except a national anthem and a national library. We also have, a national archive society, a National Road and Rail Club and The National Cartography and Vexillology Club. We also have a national Animal, The Three legged possum, a national dish, Nachos, and we have a small currency known as the Roaul.

(Below: Alexantiums National Library)


Armed Forces

Alexantium has no Armed forces as of yet but we do have a militia that is called up in time of need.

Foreign Policy

Alexantium has one ally the Republic of Mcarthia, we have had a short but sincere alliance with them.

Alexantium is non-aggressive and only declares war when the Grand House has a vote on it

We have mutual recognition pacts with the Republic of Kromia and The Fumetsu Empire