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The Duchy of Regenlsag
—  Province  —
Country Royal Empire of Copan
Region Brroþæg
Duchy of Regenslag mid 2016
Founder King Útred of Copan
Administrative Division Regenslag
 - Dutchess Victoria
Area code(s) RGN

The Duchy of Regenslag simply known as Regenslag, is a province level administrative division of the People's Republic of Copan, bordering the Brroþæg river that flows through Copan. The current Duchess of Regenslag is Duchess Victoria.


The name Regenslag comes from an artifact found when people from Copan first ventured into Regenslag.

Classification & Government

The Duchy of Regenslag is an administrative division of Copan (province), the leader of the council of Regenslag is the Duke or Duchess and they represent Regenslag in the national council. The Duchy of Regenslag is split into two prefectures called North Regenslag and South Regenslag each hold a seat in the National council along side the Duke or Duchess and are represented and lead by an Earl.

Regional Laws

Regenslag has few of its own regional laws, mostly using the same laws as Ccentyyrholm.

The few regional laws of Regenslag involve pollution and environmentalism, Namely, The Act of Anti-Pollution(Makes any form of pollution or littering a jailable offence. Though this would only be house arrest as Regenslag has no jail)


Regenslag is 80% deciduous woodland and 20% Grassy Plains. The area is mostly flat though it is surrounded by hills on one side.

There are five settlements in Regenslag, three of which are in South Regenslag and the other two are in North Regenslag.

Settlement name Prefecture Description
Lejagran North Regenslag A small fishing town on the Brroþæg river.
Kantajanholm North Regenslag A tiny village off the main road (X4)
Kjnsted South Regenslag (King's Rest), A small village on the main road that leads through South Regenslag. The village is named after a tree that grows in it that resembles a throne. It is rumoured that King Útred of Copan slept on the tree when he first came to the area.
Galfaszolm South Regenslag The largest settlement in Regenslag and the only Town. Acts as the capital of the province.
Kliifvadranan South Regenslag (Cliff fort), a small fort on top of the clifs at the southern border of Regenslag. The settlement overlooks the wildlands of Regenslag.

The southern most regions become inaccessible following heavy rains as the grounds become too marshy to travel. This means that Kliifvadranan, the only fort in Regenslag is useless.