Realm of Dong Ping

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Realm of Dong Ping
Tungp'ing Wangkuo
Tōhei Ōkoku
Dominion of the United Kingdom

2015 — 2017

Flag of Dong Ping (2015-17).png
Flag of Dong Ping.png
Coat of arms of Dong Ping (2015-17).png
Coat of arms

"God Save the Queen"
Dong Ping orthographic.png
Capital cityTienhua
Official language(s)Mandarin  • Japanese  • English
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
- MonarchElizabeth II (Unrecognised by Elizabeth II
- Governor-GeneralTan Mei-feng
- Prime MinisterStanley Wu
LegislatureHouse of Commons
Established15 June 2015
Area claimed2.354 km²

The Realm of Dong Ping is the historic predecessor to the present-day Commonwealth of Dong Ping. It came into being on 15 June 2015 after seceding Japan as a self-declared Dominion of the United Kingdom, although the United Kingdom unrecognised the Realm of Dong Ping.

Due to no recognition from the United Kingdom, Dong Ping became sovereign republic on 10 April 2017 as the Commonwealth of Dong Ping.

Coat of arms of Dong Ping.png

Commonwealth of Dong Ping

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