Radical Conservative Party of Kirkland

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Radical Conservative Party
ChairmanBrayden I of Kirkland
Founded22nd August, 2011
HeadquartersDrakon, Alovia
Membership  (2011)6
IdeologyMonarchism, Reactionism, Limited Interventionism, Protectionism, Conservatism
International affiliationConservative Union
Official coloursBlue

The Radical Conservative Party is one of the two major parties in Kirkland. It is conservative in ideology. This party is a rather new and was formed as a union of the Social Monarchist Party and the Royalist Party.


The Radical Conservative Party began as a formal union between the Social Monarchist Party and the Royalist Party. Those two parties had been slowly pushed out of prominence by the Liberal Party and believe that a union of their parties would help them secure power. The idea was proposed by Emperor Brayden I and the leaders of the two parties agreed. The new party was quickly able to wrangle power away from the Liberal Party and began to heavily push its agenda. By the end of August of 2011 the new party had passed almost of its desired reforms and was instrumental in the drafting of a new Kirkish Constitution.

Today the Radical Conservative Party is the predominant party in Kirkland. It is responsible for most the legislation that is presented to the Parliament.


The Social Monarchist Party has adopted the following platform:

  • Maintain the Monarchy and the Aristocracy by any and all means and promote the interests of the Monarchy and the Aristocracy at all times.
  • Promote religious and cultural unity inside Kirkland while respecting the rights of religious and cultural minorities.
  • Expand the size and role of the military whenever possible and in any way possible.
  • Maintain the security of our nation, both inside and out through heightened police presence in all times and in all places.
  • Expand the economy through limited government intervention in the form of subsidies and mild tariffs to protect national industries.
  • Institute a moderately graduated tax system to allow for a more fair tax code while preventing the overtaxing of those individuals most willing and able to invest in our nation's economy.
  • Prevent the creation of a welfare state full of lazy workers dependent on government aid.
  • Engage actively with other nations to form bonds of friendship with other peoples.
  • Protect the people of Kirkland from dangerous and poisonous ideologies through a strong but loving hand.

Party Structure


Major Legislation