Queendom of Zestyburg

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Queendom of Zesytburg
ZBG Flag.jpg

Tempus, stat tamen cum Zestyburgers tenere firma
Short nameZestyburg
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- QueenMilaw Oakforrest
- Prime MinisterSir Zesty Sítrónu
LegislatureRoyal Council
EstablishedFebruary 9, 2019
National animalRed Squirrel

The Queendom of Zestyburg, more commonly known as Zestyburg, is a micronation in Sweden.


The Queendom of Zestyburg was officially founded on February 9th, 2019. At the time there were only two members, Zesty Sítrónu and Milaw Oakforrest, who was crowned Queen immediately. On February 10th - 11th the 1st election for the position of Stateminister (renamed Prime Minister after) was held, with Zesty Sítrónu winning. On February 9th, the constitution was officially ratified. Zestyburg was structured as a nigh absolute monarchy with a prime minister for life who holds many of the responsibilities in running the national government. On April 5th, the Basic Ministry Act was ratified, creating the Ministries of Law, Order, and Recreation. On April 14th the government ratified a list of official representations of Zestyburg, from fauna to the motto. On July 5th, the lilac flag was adopted as the flag of Zestyburg, replacing a placeholder. On July 10th, the Family Unit Act was ratified, officially creating a legal definition of the family and creating the Ministry of Family Affairs, which is set up to protect against child abuse, regulate adoptions, and prosecute offenders.

Politics and government

Ministry of Law

The Ministry of Law is responsible with operating the national court system and the creation and maintenance of a standardized law code. The court system has yet to materialize, but by law the highest court must be the Lovråd, a final appeals court sat by 5 judges, including the Minister of Law. The current Minister of Law is Chase Innsjø.

Ministry of Order

The Ministry of Order is responsible for enforcing laws. The Minister of Order holds the official title of 'Höfðingi' and directly leads the Royal Police Force, equivalent to the American Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Höfðingi is responsible with not only national investigations, but also assisting duchy level investigation and the oversight of duchy police forces. Unlike other Ministries, the Höfðingi can not be held by other minsters as to prevent a single minister from gaining to much power. Currently, the de facto Höfðingi is Sir Zesty Sítrónu.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was not created by any legislation, but by agreement between the Prime Minister and the Queen. The role of the Minister is to uphold relations and conduct contact and talks with foreign states. The current Minister of Foreign Affairs is Sir Dame Kleinmann Kümmel. Sir Dame has been the center of foreign controversy and sent himself on a 3 month self-exile before agreeing to return to his role as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Ministry of Recreation

The Ministry of Recreation is responsible with creating sports, sports leagues, and other recreational activities. The Minister, referred to as The Lat Högsta, has the power to create edicts regarding sports and recreational activities without the Queen's approval, unlike any other ministers, including the Prime Minister. There has been no appointed Lat Högsta.

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