Quebec v. Rex Baustralicus/transcript

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JUDGE: Good evening everyone, I will be your judge presiding today, Cameron I. Mr. McGrath, may you please go along with your testimony?

MCGRATH: The Republic of Quebec is trialing his majesty for treason. He has illegally ran the monarchist party under an alias.

JUDGE: Right, John I, may you plea your defense?

REX: Ah yes. If I had an "alias", do you believe that I would rank him as Captain and not Admiral. That I would rank him, me, as a Baron and not Duke. And where, Your Horrible, is your proof?

JUDGE: Order, I invite your Majesty to please revoke using the title, "Your Horribleness". Please refer to him as His Excellency, and or Captain General McGrath. McGrath, you may now show your evidence.

REX: I wish to call attention to the title I used. I have styled him as Your Horrible, and will use such. It is what I recognize. Sorry, continue?

JUDGE: Order, This court will not use the title of Horribleness, if you will refer to it once again you can fall under contempt of court due to this being a court case under the Crown against Quebec, in which you will refer to him as a head of state. Please, McGrath, go ahead

MCGRATH: Your honor, may i present my gathered evidence for your review?

JUDGE: Of course.


REX: I literally deny I am him in that.


REX: John I, order. This is the second time I have to stop you. Please let him show his evidence.


MCGRATH: The rest was deleted however.

REX: That is not good evidence checking on your part, was it. Have you proof it even existed?

MCGRATH: Order! I need McGrath to finish his sentence, do not interrupt. That is third try, one more and it will be contempt.


JUDGE: Contempt in court. You are automatically guilty, and held with contempt, and treason. Charges will be applied, however, the case shall continue.

MCGRATH: I would like to point out the screenshot where his majesty says "Says so help me god" with the Monarchist Party logo posted underneath. Why would his majesty would post such a thing, like it is a disgrace of him posting it in the first place, shouldn't that be for "Hank" to do?

REX: I was presenting the given logo we helped design. And, you were pledging alliegence if I remember correctly.

MCGRATH: I am in the Socialist Party, which does not affiliate with the monarchs. The tone that you used for most of the screenshots give the feeling of guilt.

REX: I was presenting the logo we helped design. Doesn't mean that I am aliased.

MCGRATH: also not to mention you deleted most of the evidence. Cover up confirmed.

REX: Prove to the court I deleted it.

MCGRATH: Ill gather it


JUDGE: Please hath your words until McGrath brings the other evidence


REX: Cite the law.

JUDGE: Chapter II - Legislature - Article V of the Constitution of Quebec states that anybody can be held in court for contempt.

MCGRATH: Continuing, Why would you ask if i told Cameron something and now call it a lie?

REX: State where it says I'm told guilty.

JUDGE: I have judicial power over the court as of now. You are guilty for being in contempt.

REX: There is not a law, is there?

JUDGE: Yes, I had just cited it. You did not want to listen, so you brought your actions to a faulty and are now paying the price.

REX: Quote it then.

JUDGE: Article V - "Court is ruled by the presiding judge in the case or lawsuit when imposed. Entities of court can be held under contempt for speaking out of line"

REX: Define, lawfully, contempt of court.

MCGRATH: the offense of being disobedient to or disrespectful of a court of law and its officers.
plural noun: contempts; noun: contempt of court; plural noun: contempts of court
"when he was found to have lied to the House this was a contempt"

JUDGE: Offense is the same a crime

REX: I asked him, not you.

JUDGE: You've committed a crime in court.

MCGRATH: Continuing, Why would you ask if i told Cameron something and now call it a lie? John?

REX: I would like a lawful and cited definition of held in contempt, and cite the law saying commiting a crime in court is an immediate guilty.

JUDGE: Reply to McGrath's statement. Then we will follow up.

REX: Fair, I don't know if we were talking about something else. I could have asked you if you told him that I saw the Queen of England? You are adding context that is not there.

MCGRATH: clearly from how the converstation turned out it was otherwise. Mr. Carravaggio, drop the blunt and beer and get real.

REX: Was there a call between those messages? That's contempt, is it not?


JUDGE: Yes, however it was one. You contempted four.

REX: However, you still haven't showed me that law

JUDGE: Another thing I would like to bring up, your alias is really proven due to the fact as you've replied to me at the same timestamp before. Just a thought I wanted to bring up. It's not your right to see the law, as your being held under treason.

REX: Also, if I can't see the law, it isn't legally binding. Has it been published to the public.


REX: Also, stop placing evidence. You've become biased. Thats a mistrial.

JUDGE: I have not. Just bringing points up.

REX: Against me. Biased. Mistrial

JUDGE: False. You've already been proven guilty due to contempt, and however you still want to press against me.

REX: I cannot see that law, it is also not accessible to the general public, so how would I know that I can't slip into contempt?

JUDGE: I've cited that the Judge have presiding power over the court, and can assess a guilty if in contempt.

REX: What defines contempt? There isn't law!

JUDGE: We gave you a trial, that is what you wanted. I can bring up the law if you absolutely need it, but you will say I'd fake it.

REX: I would like you to bring that up please.

JUDGE: Article V - Legislation - "Court is ruled by the presiding judge in the case or lawsuit when imposed. 
Entities of court can be held under contempt for speaking out of line.

Any contempt in court can be held under the judge's ruling, regardless of jury or not. This goes for the same as disrespect, disobedience, and talking out of turn."

REX: Okay, where does it say that I become automatically guilty?

JUDGE: "can be held under the judge's ruling" Therefore, the judge gets the deciding factor.

REX: That's rather vague.

JUDGE: I prove that you are guilty due to contempt and lying. It's not rather vague, it simplifies law.

REX: Lying?

JUDGE: Yes. You were lying due to the timestamp and the same message at the same time, and the evidence McGrath posted.

REX: The timestamp were the same. So, how could I write two messages on two accounts at the same time? As per the evidence, which?

JUDGE: With a phone, and or an external device. "and your alias" "Did you tell cameron" Then you went on about how he put your name on the wrong "form", as an alias

REX: Yes. He put my name on a Hank. form. I don't know why. have you this form?

JUDGE: I highly doubt it. Why would you say "Did you tell cameron" however?

REX: I'm not sure. Gee, the form might have been good evidence.

JUDGE: You are sure, because your alias is Hankery. My final remark is that, Your Majesty, under the charges with contempt, treason, and lying in court, how do you plea your case?

REX: Not guilty, all accounts. Insufficient evidence at that. And, I have a judge unfoundedly telling me that I am lying. Mistrial for insufficient evidence and bias.

JUDGE: By the power invested in me by the Supreme Court of the Republic of Quebec, due to you being under contempt throughout the case, you are ruled guilty of contempt, and treason.

REX MURMURS: "Look at me, I watch CSI, invested in me my ass"

JUDGE: This is exactly why you were held under contempt, and guilty.

REX: Without telling me where I can find the law.

JUDGE: Do you need me to get the exact document?

REX: a government website or newspaper

JUDGE: It is in the Constitution of Quebec, which McGrath has made public for along time

REX: where?

JUDGE: He's linked it a ton

REX: Ah, a Google document, how are the citizens told?

JUDGE: By email

REX: How do they get this email?

JUDGE: By Gmail, Aidan sending them information when they become a citizen.

REX: Oh, I never got one, when was this?

JUDGE: Around January when he was doing census, he must of forgot you and or you must have not been a citizen at the time
And if you did join later

REX: How do they get his email

JUDGE: He most likely forgot. By Gmail? In their inbox? What?

REX: Ah, forgot, so, it isn't publically accessible. I can search it?

JUDGE: Hmm? What hath you mean?

REX: Hath? That's have. Wrong word, bud. Can I find a website to all the acts?

JUDGE: Same difference. He posted them on his Google+, but as you know, that's recently been shut down.

REX: Not publically accessible. And the section you quoted in the constitution doesn't exist. You have now lied!

JUDGE: Proof? Which section?

REX: You said Article V - Legislation. Doesn't exist.

JUDGE: No, I said Chapter II - Legislature Article V

REX: "Québécois citizens have the right of freedom of movement and residence guaranteed it’s approved by the President."

JUDGE: I may have cited it incorrectly, but it was my mistake

REX: What you said never existed

JUDGE: Scroll down? Chapter II - Legislature Article V, you are looking at Chapter I.

REX: My apologies, I stand corrected. However, how does one without his email get this?

JUDGE: What have you mean?

REX: What have I mean?

MCGRATH: Trial is over you shall recieve the name as the Dishonorable.

JUDGE: Yes, regarding his email

REX: If I don't have his email, how do I get this document? Also, McGrath, you can't make a ruling, are you the judge?

JUDGE: You would receive it through email if you requested citizenship as you would email him that you want citizenship. However, I don't recall you asking for it ever, I think you just assumed it once, and it stood.

REX: If I don't have his email anymore, how would I get the document.

JUDGE: You gave McGrath a title after his court case against Morris? Most likely by discord DM

REX: He doesn't get a trial.

JUDGE: And or phone number, etc. I never said he did

REX: If I don't have his contact, how to I get the doicument?

MCGRATH REFERENCING Can somebody fix the infobox?

JUDGE: It was on Google+ yet was shut down, I apologize but there isn;t much I can do. I can post it on the MicroWiki page for the constitution?

REX: Should be on a website

JUDGE: I will inform Aidan about it. Anyhow, you have access to it?

MCGRATH: Not making a website son.

REX: The general population doesn't, and I didn't know about the law's existance until after. And it wasn't publically accessable, so I never even knew to ask. And so if I had no way of knowing, then I guess that I can't be declared guilty.

JUDGE: The judge still has majority rule over the court.

REX: You cannot charge me with something I can't know about.

JUDGE: You know about it. The treason was for running the Monarchist Party under an alias. No blood on my hands.

REX: Where is the law

JUDGE: The treason was created by McGrath, you forget it's a semi-dictatorship, no?

REX: So, he did the treason?

JUDGE: No, the treason charge was created by McGrath, my apologies for the wording.

REX: All laws have to be written down and accessible to the general public for them to be chargable. None of the Quebecois laws are accessable

JUDGE: You have to remember that I am not in charge of law making, and the charges were formed by Aidan. Again, may you wish I add it to the Constitution of Quebec page?



JUDGE: Fuck's sake, John.