Principauté de Liège

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Principality of Liége
Principauté de Liége fr


Coat of arms
Coat of arms
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Sovereign Prince
Pierre, Prince of Liège
Establishment23 January 2021
• (as of 2019 census) census
1 103 745 (resident)
CurrencyEuros Val'heureux
Time zone(UTC+1)

The Principality of Liége, was established on 23 January 2021, by HSH Prince Pierre of Liége. The principality claims the Province of Liège in Belgium as territory. The Principality was founded on the principle of the economic, cultural and heritage promotion of the Province of Liège.


The principality of Liége has for the creative act of power pulled up the Province of Liège, a province that is part of Wallonia which itself is a member of the Kingdom of Belgium, which does not give Liège much international visibility.

The Principality in its beginning will use digitalization a lot to make Liège known internationally and to the people of Liège themselves and with better visibility could become an association to allow actions to safeguard heritage.


Although the euro is the principal currency of the Principality, a second currency, the Val'heureux, is also in circulation on its territory (115,000 bank notes for 367 businesses). As this currency supports local shops and local producers, the Principality encourages it to be used more for this type of purchase. Facebook profil of the Principality of Liège tweet on the Val'heureux by the Principality of Liège