Principality of Saint-Jean

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Principality of Saint-Jean
"All Men and Women Are Equal"
Official language(s) French
Capital Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat
Date founded September 28, 2010
Number of citizens 2,148
Number of active citizens 10
Government Principality answering to the Parliament of Zeeland-Belgie
Current leader Prince Emmett I
National animal Cat
The view of the principality from France

The Principality of Saint-Jean is a protectorate of the Republic of Zeeland-Belgie. It is an Amical Protectorate, which means that it is largely self governing but receives representation in the Parliament of Zeeland-Belgie and receives protection from Zeeland-Belgie. Saint-Jean does not conduct its own foreign relations beyond those with the Republic of Zeeland-Belgie.