Principality of Garonne

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Principality of Garonne
Principality of Garonne.png
Principality of Garonne CoA.jpeg

"Glory and Honor"
"Our land"
Capital cityRómka
Official language(s)Garonese French, Garonese, Outer Ridenerÿan (unofficial)
Official religion(s)None
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- Head of StatePrince Mark and Princess Ophelia of Garonne
- Prime MinisterAntoine L.M. Lacaze
Established6 September 2016
Area claimed0,1757km² (without claims), 92.7877km² (with claims)
CurrencyUnited Pound (£), Garonese Lira (ℓ)
Time zoneGOT (Garonne Official Time) : GMT +1h15m/+1h45m (DST)
National sportBatball, Frenchball
National dishRice with curry
National animalPug Dog

The Principality of Garonne (FRG: Prinsipauté de la Garonne ; GR: Principĕt d'Garón, ORD: Garon Kƿavýrtys/Гapoн Kƿaвүүpтүc) is a micronational unitary and constitutional monarchy in France wich was established on 2016.


Early Days (November 2015-August 2016)

The nation was founded by Antoine Lacaze in December 2015 (exact date unknown) when he heard of Micronations and "thought it'd be fun". He named his parents prince and princess, his sister prime minister and himself president of Senate. He annexed his whole house, and later an island in the river flowing nearby (the Garonne river), cut in half by a bridge.

Independence (September 2016-Present)

On September 6, 2016, he wrote, printed and then signed the Declaration of Independence and promoted himself to Prime Minister after the former Prime Minister's departure to the United States of America to college.



The Principality has 3 territories, all divided into provinces.


All 3 territories
Flag Name Area Number of Provinces Number of Cities Population Detail
Mazdana Flag.png
Mazdana 162,430m2 4 4 3 The Royal family's house and surroundings.
Gallopia flag.png
Gallopia 5090m² 2 1 0 The southern half of an island on the Garonne river, cut in half by a bridge.
Faria Flag.png
Faria 8180m² 2 0 0 The northern half of an island on the Garonne river, cut in half by a bridge, claimed later on.


Name Territory Area Population Color
Citád d'Mazdana Mazdana 830m2 3 Green
Vignemale Mazdana 54,400m2 0 Blue
Centre Mazdana 77,000m2 0 Red
Le Barry Mazdana 30,200m2 0 Magenta
Western Gallopia Gallopia 2,520m2 0 Pink
Eastern Gallopia Gallopia 2,490m2 0 Black
Major Faria Faria 6,860m2 0 Yellow
Lesser Faria Faria 1,240m2 0 Brown


  • Rómka (capital)
  • Rufis
  • Quisina
  • Sallena
  • Formiciă


The Principality has 2 territorial claims.

Flag Name Area Location Map Detail
Denham Flag.png
Raoul Island 92.4 km² Kermadec Islands, New Zealand
Raoul Island Garonne.jpeg
The biggest one of the Kermadec Islands in New Zealand.
Flag of Swedish Garonne.png
Swedish Garonne 0.212 km² Jörlanda, Sweden
Map of Swedish Garonne.jpeg
E. Feltzing's surroundings.


There are currently 22 citizens of the Principality. 4 of them are residents in Mazdana, another one from the royal family lives in the US, and the others who applied through the internet.

To apply for citizenship, please contact the prime minister and international representative at


Here's how the government works :

Title Function Current occupant(s)
Prince and Princess take care of small decisions, and make laws with the Prime Minister Prince Mark

Princess Ophelia

Prime Minister chooses the Ministers, members of the National Assembly, members of the Senate and makes laws (also an international representative) Antoine Lacaze
National Deputy Acts as a "general Minister". Elliot Feltzing
Commander in chief head of the military Kristoffer Person
Soldiers protectors of the nation 5
Minister of Education takes care of any issue related to education Filip Johanssen
Minister of Law takes care of any issue related to law Arman Hovsepian
Minister of the Court takes care of any issue related to the court vacant
Minister of Agriculture takes care of any issue related to agriculture vacant
Minister of Foreign Relations serves as an international representative vacant
Minister of Economy takes care of any issue related to economy vacant
Minister of Immigration takes care of immigration/citizenship applications Joacim Filipson
Minister of Gender Equality takes care of any gender inequality issues Emma Bjurström
Head of the National Assembly unsure to be elected
Head of the Senate unsure to be elected
Local Representatives take care of minor local issues (there is one representative per territory) V[classified] S.M. Lacaze (Mazdana), to be elected
Citizens elect the representatives anyone who applies for citizenship

Foreign Relations



UNFlag.jpg All UN members, except North Korea
Flag of Abkhazia.png Abkhazia
30px Republic of China
Flag of Crimea.png Crimea
Flag of Kosovo.png Kosovo
Kurdistan flag.gif Kurdistan
Flag of Nagorno-Karabakh.svg.png Nagorno-Karabakh
Flag of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.png Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
30px South Ossetia
South-sudan-flag.png South Sudan
Tibet Flag.png Tibet
Flag of Transnistria.png Transnistria


The Principality of Garonne recognises all friendly micronations.


Nation Date of Alliance Alliance
Johntanian Flag.png United Realm of Johntania November 20, 2016 Alliance, common recognition
Final.png United Federation of Fornelos December 6, 2016 Alliance, common recognition/IMU Member
Flag of the Empire of Skywalkistan.png Empire of Skywalkistan December 12, 2016 IMU Member
VoyflenFlag.png Barony of Voyflen December 17, 2016 IMU Member
Wynaan.JPG Republic of Wynaan December 18, 2016 IMU Member
House of Nesti Flag.jpeg House of Nesti January 7, 2017 Friendship, Cooperation

and Mutual Recognition

The Principality is open to alliance of any kind.


Official Measurement Units

Name Symbol Value
Wert w 1.32g
Kilowert kw 1.32 kg, 1000w
Garonese thumb gin 4.4 cm
Garonese foot gft 35.2 cm, 8gin
Garonese Mile gmi 1,056 km, 3000gft
United cent ¢ technically none
United Pound £ 100¢

National Holidays

Date Holiday
January 1 New Year
January 27 Princess Day (Princess' Birthday)
Variable Easter
The Day After Easter Easter Monday
May 1 Workers' Day
May 8 WWII Victory and Rememberance day
June 15 Prince Day (Prince's Birthday)
September 6 National Day (Independence Day)
November 11 WWI Rememberance Day
December 25 Christmas

License Plates

All license plates in the Principality of Garonne are designed by Dani of Pegasus Industries.

The license plate pattern is AA-1111-A, where the last letter (A) is the initial of the plate's territory of origin.

an example of a license plate from Mazdana
an example of a license plate from Gallopia
an example of a license plate from Faria
and example of a license plate from Raoul Island


The Principality of Garonne was named after the local Garonne River, flowing right next to the principality.

"Principality of Garonne" in other languages

  • Armenian
  • Bulgarian
  • Greek: Πριγκιπάτο του Γαρούνα(ή Γκαρόν)

Please add the languages in alphabetical order.

Macronation and micronation languages allowed.

  • English - Principality of Garonne
  • French - Principauté de la Garonne
  • Garonese - Principĕt d'Garón
  • Garonese French - Prinsipauté de la Garonne
  • Outer Ridenerÿan - Garon Kƿavýrtys
  • Swedish - Furstendömet Garonne