Principality of Felix

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The name of the nation stems from a Latin word meaning "Lucky". The Grand Dukes are all named Felix, as is the tradition of the Principality of Felix.


After its founding, the first Grand Duke set about expanding his area of influence, by acquiring fields and property at his borders. A monument was erected in his honour, and ceremonial gardens were planted. Grand Duke Felix abdicated peacefully on St Felix's day in 2012. He was replaced by his son, Grand Duke Felix II. The Ducal family does not disclose their birth names. The Principality has not been at war recently, but the Ducal family has been involved in wars, most recently the struggle against Italy for the Sudtirol through the 1950-70s. The Ducal family stem from Austrian and Prussian nobility by ancestry and take inspiration from their history to inform cultural decisions within the nation.

Government & Politics

The government runs as a strictly closed constitutional monarchy, with an internal pool of Lords and minor Dukes to serve as a government. These advisers are very strictly prohibited from the public eye, and the Principality limits its (relatively new) presence on the internet heavily. Statements about international policy and open international policy will be released if deemed appropriate. The Principality is always looking to connect with new allies and assist in the building of a stronger micronational community. They are, however, mainly internal.

Law & Order

The legal policy that should abide at all times by as far as civilian rights and responsibilities are concerned is that of the United Kingdom. The Grand Duke reserves complete power over the law and courts, which are staffed by the House of Ducal Advisors.

Foreign Relations

The Principality of Felix is open to a diplomatic agreement with other micronations and keeps files on any deemed relevant to the welfare of the nation by the Ducal Secretary. Details of most arrangements, with exception to general agreements of diplomatic goodwill, are kept confidential.


While the country does not maintain a standing army, Advisers are obliged to fulfill military roles. A Field Marshall is kept at a special appointment, but unless necessary his/her identity is not disclosed. The military uniform is sable in colour, with differing sash and shirt colours depending on rank.

Red = Gemeiner, Kadett, Fahnrich, Unterleutnant, Oberleutnant

Green = Hauptmann, Rittmeister

Yellow = Major

Gold = Oberstleutnant, Oberst, Inhaber, General Major, Feldmarschalleutnant, Feldzeugmeister, General der Kavallerie, Feldmarschall Different positions are signified by different badges and braids within colour bands.

Geography & Climate

The monument erected by the first Grand Duke. The Principality of Felix is blessed with beautiful sun throughout the summer, and the gardens and crops are blessed with usually plentiful rain in the colder months. Arable farming is prosperous in the surrounding area.


Exports consist mainly of fine art and furniture, but other crafts and fresh fruit and vegetable also leave the Principality. Imports of food, clay, and stone are a constant presence.


The Principality boasts a very large arts center and display area on-site, used mainly by officials and residents. An extensive collection of literature, in particular philosophy, is kept as well. Photography is practiced regularly as an art form. Media The press is used within the principality in the form of an exclusive newsletter to residents detailing appointments and local news. The internet is not used to form a part of the press, and not much is broadcast outside of the Principality, apart from on their Facebook pages.