Prime Minister of Indradhanush

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Prime Minister of Indradhanush
Pihu S

since 20 November 2021
Government of Indradhanush
Member of
Reports toParliament of Indradhanush
Chandrachur I
ResidenceChandril City
AppointerKing of Indradhanush
Term lengthAt the pleasure of the King
Formation13 February 2021
First holderChandrachur Basu

The Prime Minister of Indradhanush is the office of the head of government of Indradhanush. He/she leads the Council of Ministers of Indradhanush, the central government body, and is accountable to the King and the Parliament. The Prime Minister is nominated by the King of Indradhanush and is confirmed by the Parliament, which is the unicameral legislative body of Indradhanush. Once the Prime Minister is appointed, they form a union council of ministers which consists of the Deputy Prime Minister, Senior Ministers, Coordinating Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, Ministers of State (Independent Charge) and Ministers of State. The role of the Prime Minister is based on the powers of the prime minister of India.

Roles of the Prime Minister

The activities of the Prime Minister in managing the government include:

  • Signing government legislation
  • Inform the Monarch on the basic guidelines of the government
  • Draft national budget
  • Enforce a uniform financial, monetary, education, health care, and labour policy
  • Ensure the implementation of decrees and instructions of the King
  • Advice the King on matters of national importance

List of Prime Ministers

No Photo Name


From To Time in office Election Party Head of state Cabinet
1 Man without face.svg Chandrachur Basu (acting)

चन्द्रचूर बासु

চন্দ্রচূর বসু


13 February 2021 13 March 2021 28 days Appointed by the King Independent 100px]]

Chandrachur Basu (13 February - 24 February 2021


Aircraft I (24 February 2021 - 26 February 2021)

Chandrachur I[a]
2 Zabëlle Skye

ज़रेल स्मिथ

যারেল স্মিথ


13 March 2021 30 July 2021 139 days Man without face.svg

Chandrachur Basu (26 February 2021 - present day)

Zed I[a]
3 Nafiz Morshalin Portrait.jpg Nafiz Morshalin, 1st Marquess of Roopchand

नाफ़िज़ मॉर्शलीन, पहला मार्क्वेस ऑफ़ रूपचंद

নাফিজ মোরসালিন, প্রথম মারকুইস অফ রূপচাঁদ


30 July 2021 3 August 2021 4 days Nafiz I[a]
4 Nabin Mutakin

नबीन मुत्तक़ीन

নবীন মুত্তাকিন


3 August 2021 11 September 2021 39 days Nabin I[1]
5 James Roberts, 1st Duke of Swivelter


11 September 2021 20



70 days Swivelter I[2]
6 File:COA -Pihu S.svg Pihu S





present day 1 year, 73 days Pihu I[a]

List of acting prime ministers of Indradhanush

Portrait Name(birth-death) From To Time in office Party
Man without face.svg Chandrachur Basu

(born 2006)

13 February 2021 13 March 2021 28 days Independent

Records and Statistics


Nabin MutakinNafiz MorshalinZed

Days in Office

  1. Zabëlle Skye - 139 days
  2. James Roberts - 70 days
  3. Nabin Mutakin - 39 days
  4. Chandrachur Basu - 28 days
  5. Pihu S - 1 year, 73 days
  6. Nafiz Morshalin - 4 days

Records and firsts

  • Longest serving: Zabëlle Skye (serving 139 days)
  • Shortest serving: Nafiz Morshalin (serving 4 days)
  • Oldest person to assume office: Nafiz Morshalin
  • Youngest person to assume office: Chandrachur Basu
  • First acting Prime Minister: Chandrachur Basu
  • First non-Hindu and Catholic Prime Minister: Zabëlle Skye
  • First Muslim Prime Minister: Nafiz Morshalin
  • First female Prime Minister: Pihu S

References and notes



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