Prime Minister of Roselia

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Prime Minister of the
Federation of Roselia
Chandrachur Basu

since 7 April 2022
StyleHis Excellency
Member ofCabinet
Term lengthOn the pleasure of the Jatiyaraja

The Prime Minister of Roselia is the head of government of the Federation of Roselia. The Prime Minister is elected by the subjects of Roselia in a General Election, the precise date of which to be specified by the Monarch. Representatives wishing to stand for election must first be made Candidates by the Monarch.

Constitutional role

Under the Constitution, the Monarch cannot be Prime Minister; this law is to ensure that no person has absolute power within the Empire. Although the Monarch can become a MP (Barbie I is currently MP of Roselian Johto), they cannot therefore make themselves a Candidate. If the Prime Minister inherits the Throne, they must either refuse it or stand down and make someone the Acting Prime Minister.

The main role of the Prime Minister is to oversee the activities of the Cabinet and co-ordinate the work of its ministers, and to act as the voice and public face of the elected Roselian government. The Prime Minister holds several other powers, including the deciding vote in the case of a tie by the. The Prime Minister is also one of the two choices for Regent should the Monarch be a minor or incapacitated.

List of Prime Ministers

# Portrait Name Term of office Monarch
1 Her Majesty
Pihu I
18 March 2022 6 April 2022 Robert I

Barbie I

Co-Founder of Roselia, declared Prime Minister in the Declaration of Independence; She was the Prime Minister during the ascension of Robert I and showed vocal opposition on Robert I as Jatiyaraja. She, along with Barbie, proposed a no-confidence motion on Robert I in the Roselian Conference of Rulers, and was successful in convincing Chandrachur I (who abstained on the vote of ascension of Robert I) to vote against Robert I. She proposed the name of Barbie I as Jatiyaraja and received no opposition on it. Agreed to the idea of Vice-Jatiyaraja proposed jointly by Chandrachur I and Barbie I. Helped in the coronation of Barbie I and resigned as she became the Vice-Jatiyaraja of Roselia
2 His Majesty
Chandrachur I
6 April 2022 Incumbent Barbie I
Newly elected Prime Minister.