President of Bermeja

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President of the Republic of Bermeja
President de la República de Bermeja
Esteban Alejándrez Espino

since November 20, 2017

Term length 4 years
(not eligible for immediate re-election)
Appointed by Popular election
Inaugural holder Esteban Alejándrez Espino
Formation August 5, 2005

The President of Bermeja (Spanish: Presidente de Bermeja), officially President of the Republic (Presidente de la República), is both the head of state and head of government of the Republic of Bermeja. The presidential system was established in 2005, following the declaration of independence.

Holders of the office are styled "The Honorable" (El/La Honorable) for life (unless otherwise decreed by the Chamber of Deputies), but are often styled—especially internationally—as "His/Her Excellency" (Su Excelencia). The President does not have an official residence.

The current President of Bermeja is Esteban Alejándrez Espino of the National Renewal Alliance (ARENA) who took office on November 20, 2017. He previously served as the 1st President of Bermeja from 2005 to 2009.

Powers and duties

Line of succession

List of Presidents

Name Took office Left office Elections Party
1 Esteban Alejándrez Espino November 20, 2005 [Note 1] November 20, 2009 2005 National Party
2 Jaime Molina Rodríguez November 20, 2009 July 1, 2012 [Note 2] 2009 Solidarity Party
3 Gabino Herrera González July 1, 2012 November 20, 2013 Solidarity Party
4 Elena Lleyes Cazador November 20, 2013 November 20, 2017 2013 Liberal Party
5 Esteban Alejándrez Espino November 20, 2017 incumbent 2017 National Renewal Alliance


  1. Esteban Alejándrez Espino served as "Acting President" (Presidente en funciones") between the ratification of the Constitution of Bermeja on August 20, 2005 and his inauguration as President of Bermeja on November 20, 2005.
  2. After a series of personal leaves and hiatuses from the office, Jaime Molina Rodríguez announced on June 30, 2012 that he would resign the presidency at midday on July 1, 2012. His Vice President, Gabino Herrera González, succeeded him.