President Ira L. Johnson

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Ira Luke Johnson
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Picture of the President

In office
October 2, 2019 – Present
Vice President August Harms
Preceded by Office Established

Born March 12, 2000
Nationality American
Residence Monticello Iowa

President Ira Johnson has decided to start his own micronation because he was inspired by Kaiser August IV to start his own. President Johnson is the first president of The Free Nation of New Ireland. He is also the Chancellor of New Prussia which is the the head of Legislature in the Empire of New Prussia. He met Kaiser August IV when he was in a transition school and then when August told Ira about his micronation, Ira was interested almost immediately. Ira was called by his middle name Luke They talked and talked and then August IV made Luke his first Chancellor. Luke was so interested, he wanted to make his own micronation. August helped him make the Free Nation of New Ireland. August IV asked if Luke's new nation should be a Monarchy or a Presidency. Luke chose Presidency and it was then October 2, 2019, Ira Luke Johnson became President Ira Luke Johnson.


  • Flag of the Empire of New Prussia.png Imperial Order of the House of Terlisner-Harms