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Location of Andany

The Principality of Andany, more commonly known as simply Andany, is a micronation mainly located on the island of Sardinia. The nation is made up of 3 contiguous states surrounded by the Province of Olbia-Tempio in Italy. Andany has a surface area of 2.641788 km² (664.64 acres) and a population of 8 full citizens, of whom all are territorial residents.

The Principality's form of government is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system, defined by the Principality's constitution, the National Assembly. The current and so far only monarch is Prince Pablo "Lyon" Macías, who has ruled Andany since it was founded on 25 July 2017. Andany's official capital is the District of Floriano. Other cities include Ginepro and Menditsa. The Principality consists of three states, and one territory.

The Principality's total size has been stable throughout its history, starting out with 0.015 km² as the District of Floriano in Andany when it was first founded in 2017. It went on to annex the current three states over the year, which are the only constant part of the Principality and terroitories. The majority of the Principality's area comes from the Sardinian coastline, a territory which covers a large coastal area. The Principality's current surface area is at 2.641788 km² (664.64 acres). With all its territory surrounded by Italy, French, Spanish, and Italian are the official languages of most Andanian citizens, and this is reflected in the fact that these are the Principality's official languages.

Andany has a small services-based economy and the government's main source of income is through voluntary contributions. Most citizens work in and import goods; giving them living standards expected for a developed country. Intermicronationally, Andany has had periods of heightened influence, with Prince Pablo Macias serving as Chair of the Federated Union of Micronations in 2017. Andany is a former member state of the Federated Union of Micronations. Its military is fairly large by micronational standards, with 3 servicemen. Under the Economic Potential Index, it has a score of 4.2, and under Linden's Revised System it scores 4.2.

Andany is a democratic and developed country with an advanced high-income economy, a high quality of life, and a very high standard of living. A founding member of the United Micropact, Andany has been the founder of many other organizations, such as the Micronational Olympic Group. Andany's unique cultural heritage, tourism industry, prominent shipping sector and geostrategic importance classify it as a middle power. It is the largest economy in the Italian micronations, where it is an important regional investor. (more...)

Selected picture

The Andanian coastline.
Credit: Andanian Government. Acquired from the Prince of Andany (2018)

The Andanian coastline on the west side of Andany. Pearl Pointe can be seen in the bottom-right corner. The coastline was shaped by the Mediterranean Sea throughout the years.

Selected article

National Assembly
The National Assembly is the legislative assembly and the supreme state body of the Principality of Andany. It meets in the District of Floriano every Friday. It is a legislature based on principles of direct democracy: the Constitution grants membership in the assembly to every national citizen of Andany. National citizens are taken into account while voting, as it is open to the public on special occasions. The 2018 Constitution was in force, which changed some things for the National Assembly. The legislature of 33 members are elected for a yearly term.

The National Assembly has helped with the creation of states before Andany was founded. This demonstrates stable diplomatic relations inside of Andany and its states. Since the National Assemly is the legislative body of Andany, it was first formed by an assembly of all citizens with full political rights. The assembly was elected by other citizens of Andany. As the Chair of the Assembly was picked, the Assembly quickly stabilized. The Chair was held by the Prince of Andany himself. In January 2018, a new Assembly was elected. The Chair didn't change, but the Vice-Chair and the other member changed. Not all members of the assembly are Andanian citizens.

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