Populist Party

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Populist Party of Novaland
FoundedApril, 17 th, 2013
Ideology • Populism
 • Nationalism
National affiliationNationalist Union
Official coloursBlue Red
National Assembly
4 / 5
Country800px-Drapeau.png Novaland

The Populist Party of Novaland is a populist, Nationalist Novaland political party, founded in 2014 by ?????.

Ideologically, the party has shifted considerably since it's formation, adopting a more Populist line.

The Populist Party now is ruling the country has 4 seats in the National Assembly. The party is currently led by ??????.


The Populist Party was created by ????? on April, 17 th, 2013, just before the presidential elections.

Party Policy

The Populist Party in its current incarnation is relatively new to Novaland politics, but the party is currently holding the seat of President.