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The language of Personia is a Baltic language, that is mainly spoken in Personia and Latvia.


The language seems to be quite old, used by the older Personian communities during free Baltic tribe periods. The language isn't spoken a lot as of 2021, but is spoken in Personia as the official language.


Because of the significant American population in Personia, a dialect is spoken in Personia, American Personian, which is a dialect mainly spoken in American majority discricts of Personia. American Personian is more easier to speak for English speakers, who don't speak Baltic or Slavic languages.

Lūces - Normal Personian

Beryes - American Personian.

Sēyros - Normal Personian

Čejs - American Personian.

Some consider American Personian a completely different language.

Words in Personian and their comparisons to Latvian words.

Latvian and Personian is very similar, not only because of the Large Lithuanian and Latvian minorities in Personia, it's because Personian has been mixed with Latvian, as well as because both languages are Baltic. Latvians and Personians are both very similar in culture and language, for example Jōūņi in Personian, or Jāņi in Latvian, a national holiday for both nations. Personians would like to consider themselfs closer to Latgallians and Selonians, and more rarely Lithuanians, however, Personian is unique and very different from Lithuanian and Latvian, words like:

Maij - Personian

Es - Latvian.

Zenteņe - Personian

Septiņi - Latvian

Jūlmais - Personian

Latvian - Bullis

The differences are quite large, and Latvian is far from being Personian.

East Baltic or West Baltic language?

It seems that Personian is considered a Central baltic language, this being extremely rare and unique between the Baltic languages. Central Baltic is considered unique, but a mix of Eastern and Western Baltic languages, western being of lesser extent.