Peroutish Empire

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Peroutish Empire
Peroutish flag.jpg

Capital citynot yet settled
Official language(s)English; Czech
Governmentparliamentary empire
LegislatureThree-chamber parliament
EstablishedOctober 2016 offically, February 2016 unofficially
Area claimed8,3×107 km2
Time zoneUTF +0 (Titan)
UTF +1 (Europe)

The Peroutish Empire, also known as Peroutovia, is an at-the-moment undeclared micronation, which should be declared as of October 2016.

Formation of Peroutish county

In October 2016 the Peroutish county was declared. It started gathering citizens, the first elections, which appointed Aidan Thomas Macready as the nations prime minister, were made. During the first parliament meeting only some minor changes were made, including some slight tweaks of the constitution and the legislation. Everything changed on March 20, 2016, when the second parliament meeting was being assembled. That day, the parliament, led by the count Daniel I., was urged to vote for a new version of the parliament lawbook, but instead, because of some disagreements, this proposal excited displeasure. In the following turn of events, the count was taken prisoner. The count tried to propose the new lawbook once again, but the government took over, the count was ejected and the government elected former prime minister Macready as the new count. Prior to the disagreements and the complete change of the nation to a republic, this rebel-led unit fell, Daniel I. took over again and the county was in its initial formation once again. It is not true, though, that the nation got off undamaged. It was actually thrown into a crisis, these days known as 'the hibernation'. The county was reunited in May and the next month it entered 'Phase One' - contacting other micronations and making a new version of the constitution. Simultaneously with the new constitution being released to the public, the new and improved Peroutish empire shall be declared.


In September 2016 it was officially announced that the Empire is going to proclaim Titan, one of Saturn's moons. If the Empire will be able to dominate the moon, it would become the not only the largest micronation, but the largest country, in the world (except for Celestia, which Peroutish empire does not recognize as a sovereign state), because the area of Titan is more than 5 times bigger than that of Russia. Topic of conquering this moon shall be a major point for discussing during the upcoming conferences. However, the empire does not plan on making any compromises about its area at the moment.