People's Republic of Bywald

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People's Republic of Bywald
Bywald flag.png

The people united will never be defeated
ussr anthem instrumental
Capital citynone
Largest citynone
Official language(s)English, Tamil, Byvaldisa
Official religion(s)Secularism although 100% of the population is hindu
Short nameBywald
GovernmentPopular socialist Guided Democracy
- Chief Executive PresidentHrishikesh Sriram
LegislatureNational assembly
Area claimed0.01 km²
Time zone(UTC)
National sportCycling
National animalDog
Patron saintSage Narada

The People's Republic of Bywald is a micronation inside of Singapore. It is a socialist republic that joined the microwiki community on October 24 and declared independence on October 24.


The name Bywald does not mean anything and was chosen at random


Bywald was founded on the 24th of October 2014. It was created with the purpose of making a better world. After a while, Bywald established relations with the Covanese Republic. During this time, Bywald was under multiple constitutions until a stable government was created in the 7th of December 2014. In early January, Bywald experimented with a multi party system, however, due to the lack of support for continuation, Bywald decided to stop the experiment on late February.

Government and politics

The People's Republic of Bywald is a Popular socialist Guided Democracy. The legislator is called the National Assembly. It has 1-2 representatives for every voting block and representative for every embassy.. A voting block lasts for up to 2 contiguous meters or up to the borders. The executive branch is lead by the chief executive president. The current chief executive president is hrishikesh sriram. The judicial branch is made out of the people's court.

Law and order

The Bywald police was created by the government agencies act

Foreign relations

Bywald's foreign relations are dealt with by the ministry of foreign affairs.

Recognised Nations (bold for alliances)

Covanese Republic

Empire of Adammia

Republic of Molossia

Principality of Sealand


Bywald's military is divided into 2 militias. The militia of the labour party and the Bywald city people's militia, owned by the labour party and Bywald city respectivly. However,neither of the militias can preform military action without a command from the chief executive president or declaration of war.

Geography and climate

Bywalds claims are currently devided into 2 provinces. The Singam provinde in contains all claims in Singapore and the new earth Province contains Kepler 62e and is named as such because it is a potentially habitable planet


Bywald's economy is based on Marxist theory. The official currency is the Bymark although most of Bywald still uses the Singapore Dollar. There is a central bank known as the Bywald People's bank and a treasury known as the people's treasury.


Bywald has 2 news outlets.The state YouTube Channel and the WordPress newspaper.