People's Republic of Újborókaföld

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People's Republic of Újborókaföld
Flag of Újborókaföld
unofficial flag
unofficial coat of arms
Motto: "A hatalom parazitákat szül, éljen a nép!"
Anthem: "A front Dala"
Statusfree territory
CapitalMakkszeg (Odenber)
Common languagesHungarian
GovernmentPeople's Republic
leader of the people 
LegislaturePeople's Assembly
Historical eraÚjborókaföld civil war
• Established
apr 4 2021
• Total
04 km2 (1.5 sq mi)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Rank Republic of MMBS
Rank Republic of MMBS
Today part ofRank Republic of Bolgajna

The People's Republic of Újborókaföld was an unrecognized state and nanonation that separated from the Rank Republic of MMBS in the spring of 2021. The People's Republic of Újbrókaföld was an unrecognized bowl and nanonation that separated from the Rank Republic of MMBS in the spring of 2021. The short-lived nation was a separatist movement starting in East Pórfayzon, which briefly owned most of the territory of the province during the war. After several months of tense atmosphere, the fighting started, which ended after a day with the resignation and end of the People's Republic.


The word Új in Hungarian means new. And Borókaföld or Borovicskaföld is a landscape unit in the Rank Republic of MMBS. The name comes from the fact that the movement originally only wanted to reform and make Borovicskaföld independent, until it eventually occupied the entire Pórfayz Province.


The movement was founded in 2021 but was only completed in 2022. At that time it was still a duchy. However, it quickly failed, so it became a socialist regime.which immediately started a war against the MMBS. After several weeks of cold war, the MMBS regained most of its territories in a few days of fighting. Since Újborókaföld failed to acquire the city of Makkszeg, it resigned due to economic deterioration and poverty and returned all its claims to the MMBS state.

Politics and government


After the establishment of the country, the provisional national assembly was established. In the legislature, the country was mainly led by various so-called people's commissars. There were not many opportunities for economic development, they concentrated more on military goals. Most of the leadership also played a military role.

Political parties

Újborókaföld was a one-party socialist dictatorship. Based on the Újborókaföld Act:

Democracy is one of the wild drives of history. Leadership belongs to everyone and deserves everyone.

In Újborókaföld, there was no need or opportunity to create other parties. However, the Újborókaföld dictatorship was sharply criticized in the surrounding non-dominated areas. Tölgyfajsz, the capital of Pórfayz, was always protected by the MMBS, and independent voices also flowed from here to the socialist areas.

Logo Name Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Lower House Upper House Cabinet
People's Front of Újborókaföld

"Újborókaföldi népfront"

ÚNF Újborókaföld People's Commissioners far left
3 / 3
10 / 10
5 / 5


Újborókaföld places great emphasis on the military.

Admnistrative regions

Flag Arms
Name Area Population Officials
Free District of Borovicskaland unknown unknown unknown
Free territories
Free territory of Fayz unknown unknown unknown

Geography, climate

climate: cool-moderately humid. The climate and soil are not very optimal for the production of large quantities of crops.

Geography: The average height of the area is approx. 341 meters. An old (often dry) canal is the source of all its water. there are no significant mountains or hills, however, the country lies next to a mountain.