People's Anarchist Party (Pinang)

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People's Anarchist Party
PresidentMayor of New Piniang
Founded4 June 2018
Dissolved11 June 2018
Merger ofGolden Party
HeadquartersNew Piniang
Membership (June 2018)2

Anti-establishment, Reformism and

Political positionCentre
Colors  Orange (not official)
Parliament of Pinang
1 / 5
(4th June 2018)
1 / 6
(4th June 2018)

The People's Anarchist Party (Italian: Partito Anarchico Popolare) was a political party during First Republic of Pinang.

Political Views

The goals of People's Anarchic Party were:

  • 1. Abolition of Military Forces
  • 2. Abolition of Parliament, Mayors, Government and president
  • 3. The Only institution will be the Police


The party was criticized by President Esty who accused the leader of wanting to organize a revolution. The PAP leader was sentenced in the first trial for treason but after a second trial he was acquitted. Moreover, the Vice-President of the party tore up some documents of a pinangese citizen some days before the foundation of the party and his acquisition of the citizenship.