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The Republic of Pennluren is a micronation founded on May 23, 2019. the country is located in the United states of America in the state of Pennsylvania. The current leader of the Nation is President DisSquid (Bone-Apart). Contents [hide] 1 Etymology 2 History 3 Government and politics 4 Law and order 5 Foreign relations 6 Military 7 Geography and climate 8 Economy 9 Culture 10 Media 11 See also 12 External links Etymology The name Pennluren comes from Pennsylvania (Penn) and the Fictional Island from the word luren in Dutch. History The Republic of Pennluren was founded after the fall of the Novaterran empire. the empire had remained dormant for months until the emperor DisSquid (Later known as Bone-Apart) decided to destroy the old empire and form the Nation of Pennluren. The country has only fought one war in it's history. the 1 minute war only lasted 1 minute. President Bone-Apart invaded the United States of America in a surprise attack. he single handedly took Stingray Bay and added it to the Republic as an autonomous zone. Government and politics The President decides all laws, wars, and acts. however the people are allowed to debate the President and change his mind on said bill, war or law. elections occur every year on May 23. Law and order The President acts as judge and allows the citizens to vote on weather they are guilty or innocent and how harsh the punishment is. there are currently no police and instead are replaced by the President. Foreign relations Currently there has been zero relations between the Republic of Pennluren and other Micronations. Military There is currently only one soldier in the Military, and that is the President. They have currently invaded one country and took a bit of land near the local pool. Geography and climate

The Republic of Pennluren has a mild temperature since it is located 90% inside. the other 10% has mild summers and cold winters.

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